Buninyong Licensing Court

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The Buninyong Licensing Court was responsible for the issuing of hotel licenses in the Buninyong district <1877-1883>.

In December 1877 the court was made up of Mr. Gaunt PM, and Mayor Davies.[1] In December 1883, for the annual hearings, the court was made up of Mr Akehurst, P.M., and Messrs Greaves and Mackay, J's.P.[2]

Publican 1877 Publican 1883 Hotel Location
Edwin Prebble George Davis Royal Exchange Hotel Learmonth Street
Thomas Jagger not licensed Caledonian Hotel Buninyong
Margaret Young Margaret Young Buninyong Hotel Warrenheip street
Frances Selleck August Helterhoff Crown Hotel Warrenheip street
Henry Wyatt Henry Wyatt Eagle Hotel Warrenheip street
William S. Milligan Daniel Phelan Robert Burns Hotel Warrenheip street
Thomas Connolly Bridget Caffrey Court House Hotel Learmonth Street
John H. Bradshaw John H. Bradshaw Corduroy Bridge Hotel Clarendon
Thomas Court Thomas Court Clarendon Hotel Clarendon
Richard James Richard James Lal Lal Falls Hotel Lal Lal
Charles Knight Charles Knight Lal Lal Hotel Lal Lal
Caroline Capel Caroline Capel Capel's Hotel Lal Lal
Enoch Mayo Enoch Mayo Railway Hotel Yendon
William Ingram not licensed Crown Hotel Yendon
Thomas Webb Thomas Webb Forest Home Hotel Yendon
Peter Connellan Peter Connellan Bush Inn Navigators
Michael Cullinan not licensed Bridge Inn Navigators
William Gleeson William Gleeson Buninyongshire Hotel Mount Clear
James Trezise James Trezise Halfway House Hiscocks
not licensed Frank Cramere Black Lead Hotel Hiscocks
A. W. Chapman not licensed Chapman's Hotel Hiscocks
John Egspuler John Espugler Gumtree Hotel Gumtree Flat
Ambross Delaney James Delaney Lady Franklin Hotel Scotchmans
Edward Charlton Matthew Mallary Pioneer Hotel Durham Lead
John Bawden Anne R. Hocking Garibaldi Hotel Durham Lead
August Helterhoff Elizabeth Richards Victoria Hotel South Grenville
not licensed Mary Bawden South Grenville Hotel South Grenville
Hunter McHaffie Hunter McHaffie Racecourse Hotel Napoleons
not licensed Mark Thompson Bamboro’ Castle Hotel Napoleons
Henry G. Robinson Henry G. Robinson Woodlands Hotel Woodlands
Robert McLelland Robert McLelland Little Hard Hills Hotel Little Hard Hills
George Fussell Peter Green Fussell's Hotel Napoleons
Edward Hansen Maria Hanson Uncle Tom's Cabin Little Hard Hills
Robert Wood not licensed Greyhound Hotel Cambrian Hill
Benjamin Fitridge not licensed Cambrian Hotel Cambrian Hill
Richard Timmins Emma Timmins Red Lion Hotel Cambrian Hill
Ann Nussey David Parry Muston Princess Royal Hotel Warrenheip street
W. B. Northage Joseph B. White Half-way House Mount Clear
David Parry Muston Mary S. W. Holman, Bush Inn Mount Clear
Anne Waugh not licensed Grand Trunk Hotel Cambrian Hill
not licensed Anne Stout Main Trunk Hotel Cambrian Hill
Ellen Bracher Mary Gleeson Suburban Hotel Devonshire Lead
Charles Dowrey not licensed Criterion Hotel Enfield
not licensed Frederick Webb Webbville cottage Buninyong


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