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The Castlemaine Hotel is situated in Hargreaves Street Castlemaine.


The Castlemaine hotel was the departure point for the Cobb and Co patrons. [1]

The Licenses Reduction Board arrived in Castlemaine on Thursday the 4th July 1912, to assessed compensation to the Castlemaine Hotel, the publican had voluntary surrendered. Evidence of the value of the hotel was given by N. P. Tensen (husband of the licensee), F. W. Adams (valuer) and R. A. Macgibbon (architect). The Board then awarded compensation to owner (Joseph Young), £225 ; Mrs. S. D. Tensen (licensee), £50. [2]

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The Castlemaine Hotel was run by Lional Murphy in 1854.

Lawrence Murphy, was granted a licence for the Castlemaine Hotel, Hargreave street. The bench granted the license with the remark that the house was kept very clean. [3]


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Also known as Murphy's Castlemaine Hotel


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