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Former Centenary Hotel, 2019. Photo Marilyn Jeffs

The Centenary Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, 1934-1960.



This hotel operated from the site of the former North Grant Hotel.[1] It later became the Ballarat Hotel.[1]



The hotel was on the south east corner of Bridge Street and Peel Street, address 92 Bridge Street.


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Ballarat Hotel (Bridge Street)


  • In September 1937 Muriel Elvie Lyon, licensee of the Centenary Hotel, was charged with unlawful disposal of liquor, with having had the bar door open, and with having permitted persons on the premises at 8.40p.m. on August 28. For having had the bar door open defendant was fined £5, and for having permitted unauthorised persons on the premises 15/. Five men were each fined £1.[4]
  • In November 1941 Laurence Frederick Etherton, licensee of the Centenary Hotel, Bridge-street, was fined £5 In the city court on Tuesday on a charge of having the bar door open during prohibited hours, and £2 for permitting un authorised person on the premises. A charge of disposal of liquor was dismissed. Tnree men were each fined 15/,[5]


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