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Ceramics at the Ballarat School of Mines and the Ballarat Technical Art School

1918 - "A new department of instruction in the manufacture and decorative treatment of pottery will soon be opened up. A kiln has already been built, and numerous tests in the School laboratories have shown that the local clays are among the best in Australia for the manufacture of white earthenware. Consideration has also been given to the manufacture of pigments, for which there is a keen demand."[1]

Pre 1983 - Ceramics and sculpture were housed in substandard accommodation in the Ballarat School of Mines Old Battery. The building was demolished for the Stage 2 Development - The Trade and Art Building (M.B. John Building). In the interim period (between the demolition of the old building and construction of the new, ceramics was accommodated in the Old Plumbing Building. The new facility was designed to include the ceramics studio, kiln room, glaze area ad store, wet clay area, 3D studio, plaster mix, store, design studio, store and teacher stations - an area of 580m square. [2]

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