Charles Abbott (c1845-1901)

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Charles Abbott was born about 1845 to Charles Abbott.

Charles married Lavinia Ann Hicks (daughter of Phillip and Elizabeth Hicks) in 1867, in Victoria (Australia).

Charles worked at the Phoenix Foundry.

Charles Abbot died 10 July 1901 in Christchurch (New Zealand).



Charles Abbott (c1824-1886)

--1 Charles Abbott (c1845-1901)[1] Lavinia Ann Hicks (c1844-1930)

--.--2 Clifton Alexander Abbott (c1864-1954)[2] married Beatrice Black (1875-?)

--.--.--3 Leslie Alexander Abbott (1897-1897)

--.--2 Lavinia Charlotte Abbott (1868-1868)

--.--2 Laurence Abbott (c1870-1870)

--.--2 Charles Abbott (1871-1943)

--.--2 Mabel Mary Abbott (1873-1875)

--.--2 Rose Abbott (1875-?)[3] married UNKNOWN McCormack

--.--2 Gertrude Teresa May Abbott (1877-1927)[4] married Henry Kemp Dawson

--.--2 Alice Mary Abbott (1879-1880)

--.--2 Daisy Abbott (c1880-1883)

--.--2 Stewart Phillip Abbott (c1885-1947)

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  2. known as 'Alexander'
  3. known as 'Rosie'
  4. known as 'Gertie'

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