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Senior Members of the Ballarat School of Mines Staff. Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 112)
Standing L-R:S.B. Vial (Chemistry); W. Doepel (Clerk); Alfred E.C. Kerr (Mechanical Engineering); Arthur Garrard (Battery Manager); Henry Hall (Drawing); W. Kerr Grant (Mathematics); Charles E. Campbell (Photography); J.M. Sutherland (Electricity); H.R. Murphy (Assayer); Charles A. Dean (Cyanide Works).
Sitting L-R: Daniel Walker (Chemistry); Thomas S. Hart (Mineralogy & Curator); Fred. J. Martell (Registrar); Alfred Mica Smith, Senior Professor (Chemistry, Metallurgy, etc); J.S. Dawburn (Engineering & Surveying); Dr J.F. Usher (Materia Medica).
Seating (Front) L-R: P.A. Osborne (Assistant Assayer); Godfrey Hart (Museum).

Charles Ellis Campbell was a photographer in Ballarat.



Born at Ballarat in 1877, Charles E. Campbell was the son of Edward Ellis Campbell and Caroline Watkins[1], some of Ballarat's early settlers. Along with F.S.B. Wilson, Charles Campbell established the firm of Campbell, Wilson Propriety Limited, photo engravers and commercial artists in the London Bank Chambers in 1910.[2] E. E. Campbell successfully established a printing and bookbinding business.

In 1905, Charles Campbell married Miss Elizabeth Houston Miller on the 1st of March at St. Andrew's Kirk located along Sturt Street, Ballarat. A wedding that was of most interest to the community of Ballarat[3]. Together they had four children named Margaret, Edward, Denis(whom later dies) and Ronald. Sadly Elizabeth Houston died at the age of 45 in 1923 on 23rd March [4]. On 5th December, 1928, he remarried in Geelong to Dora McFarlane, making her his second wife[5]. Together they had one child, Peter whom died and was privately cremated at Springvale [6].

In 1949 on the 16th of May, Charles Campbell died in a private hospital in Geelong.[7]


Charles was educated at Macarthur Street State School and Grenville College. [8]He entered the Ballarat School of Mines as a photography student in 1896, attained a Pass at Grade 1 level that year, and completed his Grade 2 photography studies (with a Pass) before graduating in 1897.


Charles Campbell was appointed to the position of photography lecturer at the Ballarat School of Mines when his former teacher, Mr. L.W. Hart retired (appointed 1895) in early 1898. At year's end, the School's 1898 Annual Report stated that 'In Mr Campbell's hands this class in photography has proved a great success and some excellent work in the higher branches of photography, such as collotype, carbon, copper and zinc etching has been done.' Campbell resigned as lecturer in photography in 1918.

Mr C.E. Campbell, after having instructed the Photography Classes for several years, has been succeeded by Mr Norman Wood.[9]


From 1901-1903 Charles Campbell held a commission in the 3rd Battalion Infantry, Ballarat. In 1910, he partnered F. S. B. Wilson in the establishment of the firm Campbell, Wilson Pty Ltd, photo engravers and commercial artists. This business operated from premises situated in the London Bank Chambers, Ballarat - meanwhile, Campbell continued to conduct the photography lectures at Ballarat School of Mines.



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