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Thomas Charles (Thomas) Simpson. Courtesy of descendant Adam Simpson



Thomas Charles (Charles) Simpson was born in 1904 at London.[1] He was the son of Hector Simpson and Mary Ann Thornton. Charles Simpson died at Bungaree[2] on 14 December 1907.[3]

Charles Simpson was a Lydiard Street fishmonger, and was a member of the Old Colonists' Association of Ballarat.



A fire broke out at 9 o’clock on Saturday night in a weatherboard house, between Rocky Ponds and Nerrina, occupied by the family of the late Mr Charles Simpson, formerly a fishmonger of Lydiard street. Both the City and Town brigades turned out, but on arriving at the city’s boundary, it was seen that the fire was outside the area in which there is a water supply, and beyond the bounds, so that neither brigade therefore proceeded to the scene of the fire. The property was insured for £l50. When the last occupant left at 6 o’clock a fire was burning in the kitchen.[4]

Charles Simpson married Caroline Lysdter.[5] Their children are:

1. Thomas Simpson

2. Charles Simpson


Charles Simpson, the well-known fishmonger, of Lydiard street, died on Saturday.[6]

Mr Charles Simpson, fishmonger, of Lydiard street, died on Saturday after an illness extending over many months. The deceased gentleman, who wag 63 years of. age, had been in business for a long time, and was widely known and respected. He was an old member of the Old Colonists’ Association a body in which he took consider— able interest. He. leaves a widow and two children.[7]

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