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This company was situated in the proximity of the old Eureka Lead. [1]


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August 2 Chisholm and party, five acres surface grant, Black Hill. Mr Surveyor's Fitzpatrick's report, recommending the grant, was read. Mr Frazer moved and Mr O'Connor seconded-"That the grant be recommended provided a ten-horse power engine, and other machinery spoken, of be on the ground within six weeks." Mr Gillies moved an amendment, for postponement until the contemplated bye-laws of the Board were finally adopted with reference to such grants. He did this with a view to prevent loss and confusion on the part of the grantees. Mr Critchley seconded the amendment. Mr Frazer applauded the motive which prompted the amendment, but the indefinite ness of the postponement rendered it objectionable. Original motion carried and the grant recommended. [2]

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