Civic, Professional and Other Interest Group Services

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Operators involved in Civic, Professional and Other Interest Group Services will have one or a combination of the following activities as the primary activity of their operations: business and professional association services; labour association services; and/or other interest group services (not elsewhere classified).

The Chief Inspector of Factories (Mr H. M. Murphy) explained to-day that until section 29 of the Amending Factories Act becomes law wages boards were free to define casual labor. Under the Act casual labor might only be fixed for half the total hours of an ordinary working week. No one working more than 24 hours per week in a week of 48 hours might now be accepted as casual. The question had arisen as to whether anybody employed all the year round, by working less than the named hours, might be called casuals. That question had been referred to the Crown Solicitor, who had advised that anyone so working, whether all the year round or otherwise, was “casual labor.” '
<ref’The Ballarat Courier (Vic. : 1914 – 1918) Wednesday 13 January 1915, page 5.</ref>

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Business and Professional Associations

Labour Unions and Associations

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Australian Natives' Association

Ballarat Eight Hours Day Committee

Ballarat Mining Board

Ballarat Progress Association

Ballarat War Munitions Committee

Ballarat Worn Out Miners' Fund

Eight Hour Day Movement

Forward Ballarat Movement

General Short Hours' Association

Lady Mayoress' Patriotic League, Ballarat East Branch

Maryborough Progress Association

Mayoress' Patriotic League

National Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Australia

Old Colonists' Association

People's Liberal Party

People's Liberal Party, Women's Branch

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Victoria

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Victoria, Ballarat Branch

Worn Out Miners' Fund

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