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The Clunes Quartz Mining Co. was formed in 1857 and operated in cooperation with the Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining Co. until at least 1887.[1]

News and Notes.
The case, Kinnear and others v Dalgety & Co, for breach of contract in supply of an engine to the Clunes Quartz Mining Company, was heard in the Circuit Court on Saturday, and attracted some little interest among mining companies, engineers, and others. The damages were laid at £1440 for cost of supply of alleged defects in the engine and for loss sustained by delay. The judge’s charge was concluded at eight o’clock, and the verdict was ready at ten o’clock, but not delivered till his Honor arrived at half-past ten.[2]
(From our own Correspondent.)

I am favored, through the medium of Mr James Stevenson, district mining registrar, with the following returns from his mining report, for the month of August, to which I have added some supplementary information in brackets: … Clunes Quartz Mining Company.-The sinking of the main shaft to its intended depth of 600 feet has been impeded for the last three weeks, owing to a great influx of water. The shaft is down 425 feet, and it is believed that if the men engaged in sinking, after passing the Old Man lode did not cut Robinson’s reef, that they must have pierced a leader, as not only are this company’s works on their lower level dry, which erstwhile have been incommoded by a quantity of water, but the other companies working Robinson’s Reef are likewise drained. The large pumping engine has been dept constantly going, but it was some time before the level of from 60 to 70 feet of water in the shaft could be lowered. The ground at this time is almost fairly drained, and the sinking will shortly be recommenced. In the meantime, the miners are engaged in cutting plats, preparatory to opening out cross-cuts from the shaft. A convenient changing room for the miners has been finished and a substantial shed has been erected for the preparation of mining timber and carpenter’s work. Timber 4 x 4 inches is being prepared as guides for the skips, which are stated to be upon a new and improved principle. Of the mine there is nothing new to report. No fresh ground has been opened. Quartz is being raised from stopes in the lodes heretofore opened up. Three engines are constantly worked, of the aggregate power of 104 horses. [In addition to the information contained in the report, I may state that during the month dividends amounting to £15 per share have been paid.][3]



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