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Craig's Hotel, Courtesy Max Harris Photography Collection, Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute
Presentation to Professor Alfred Mica Smith at Craig's Royal Hotel, c1924 (Victa Studios). Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 210)
Craig's Royal Hotel
Advertisment in Ballarat Courier Supplement June 10 1987, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 13262)
Advertisment in Ballarat Courier Supplement June 10 1987, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 13262)
Advertisement from the Ballarat Star, 16 November 1893.
For hotels with the same or similar names, see Royal Hotel.

Craig's Royal Hotel is a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1862-2015>.



The first hotel on the site was the Ballarat Hotel, also known as Bath's Hotel. This was the first licensed hotel on the Ballarat goldfields.[1] Thomas Bath was granted a licence on 1 July 1853 for the Ballarat Hotel.[1] Walter Craig took over the hotel by June 1858, and it was renamed some time after that.[2]


One of the finest hotels in the Commonwealth is without doubt Craig's Royal hotel, Lydiard street, Ballarat, of which Mr. S. Seward is proprietor. All the appointments are of the best and most up-to-date style.[3]

An attempt was made to sell the hotel in 1949: Ballarat Hotel Passed In At £64,500. Craig's Royal Hotel, Ballarat, whose history is linked with Ballarat from the' earliest days of the gold rush, was offered at auction yesterday and passed in at £ 64,500 for sale by private treaty. Negotiations are proceeding, and it is expected that a sale will be made at a figure above that of the highest auction bid. Vendor was Mrs M. Martin, widow of the late Cr M. Martin, who had conducted the hotel for many years. Selling agents were Messrs Percy Henry and Galbraith, of Melbourne, and Thiessen and Irvine, of Ballarat.[4]

Craig's Hotel was sold in 1954: Famous Hotel Sold. Melbourne: Two brothers, who conduct one of the biggest poultry farms in the world, yesterday paid £76,500 for Craig's Royal Hotel, Ballarat. They are Messrs. James and Walter Carter, of Werribee, who last week bid £69,500 at auction for the hotel. The reserve was £80,000. The sale was completed privately yesterday. Craig's hotel has many historic associations with the Ballarat, district and early Victoria. It was there, in 1867-68, that Adam Lindsay Gordon, an Australian poet, kept the livery stables.[5]

POET GORDON'S INN. Craig's Hotel, the oldest hostelry In Ballarat. has been sold by the proprietor. Frank Heiman, of Goller and Co., to Mrs. T. Newton, the present tenant, for 30.000 pounds. The hotel gains its name from the late Walter Craig, who owned it in the year he dreamt his horse Nimblefoot would win the Melbourne Cup, and that the rider would wear a black armband. The dream was fulfilled in detail, but Mr. Craig died a week or two before the cup. Craig's was the headquarters of Adam Lindsay Cordon. and for a time he was the lessee of the stables attached.[6]


Craig's Hotel is on the west side of Lydiard Street South, Ballarat, now numbered as 10 Lydiard Street South.[7]


In 1917 the hotel was issued with a special permit to serve alcohol with meals between 6.00pm and 8.00pm.[8]

Community Involvement

The hotel was the venue for community meetings including:

  • Licensed Victuallers' Association: December 1877.[9]

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