Creswick State Battery

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Creswick State Battery is located in Battery Crescent, Creswick. It was installed in 1902 to crush basalt ore and is one six remaining gold batteries in Victoria.

From 1897 the Victorian government provided assistance to quartz gold prospectors through the installation and operation of small quartz crushing facilities (known as government or State batteries) in localities where no privately-owned batteries were available for public use. The batteries were erected in places where auriferous reefs showed promise, and were moved as demand (or lack of it) required. Their number peaked between the wars, with a maximum of 33 in operation. Government crushing facilities were quite small concerns, at first equipped with only three head of stamps, rising in 1904 to a standard of five head. Sometimes the batteries were equipped with 6-heads. The batteries were originally powered by steam, but producer-gas, oil, and electricity eventually replaced steam power.[1]



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