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Advertisment in The Evening Post August 3 1883, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 12828)

Bold text The Cumberland and Durham Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1867-1891.



It was one of the 40 hotels closed in 1891 in Ballarat East as part of the changes to licensing laws.[1],


The owners were paid £1114 compensation for the closure of the business.[1]


The hotel was in Bridge Street.[2]


Community Involvement

In January 1867, a William Bain of Melbourne reported having been robbed at the hotel:

A SERIOUS LOSS. SIR,-On the night of the 26th inst., I came from Melbourne to Ballarat by the last train, and stayed with my wife and family at the Cumberland and Durham hotel, Bridge street, Ballarat. Whilst there I was robbed of £24 12s contained in a purse which was abstracted from my pocket whilst asleep. The landlord refused to compensate me in any manner. This letter may caution parties visiting Ballarat to "take care of their pockets." Yours, &c., WILLIAM BAIN, Burra Cottage, 51 Little Park street, Emerald Hill, Melbourne.[2]

Works Produced

Workplace Relations

The People

  • From at least October 1871 to December 1874 the publican was F. B. Wilson.[3][4]
  • In August 1883 the proprietor was L. Josephs[5]


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