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David Carnegie was born 1857 in Victoria (Australia) to James Carnegie (c1827-1906) and Diana Waldie nee Clark (c1830-1920).

David Carnegie worked for the Phoenix Foundry.

David Carnegie died 1890 in Victoria. He is buried in the Ballaarat Old Cemetery - Area F1, Section 01, Grave 11.


Mr David Carnegie – a renowned elocutionist who delivered the speech at the celebration of the turning out of the 100th locomotive – died on Sunday 9 November 1890, aged 33, after a period of 10 months of painful illness. His wife and 3 children were left financially embarrassed by his earlier generosity to deserving charities. He was known to preach in the Mechanics’ Institute and on Sturt Street on Sunday evenings. His funeral on Tuesday was well attended.[1]

THE news of the death of Mr. David Carnegie, formerly of the Phoenix Foundry, will be received with regret by many (writes the Ballarat Star). For some years the deceased was in receipt of a good salary at the foundry, but his benevolent [illegible] caused him to give all except what was needed for the immediate expenses of the family to the poor. For the past 10 months he has been laid aside by an illness of a most painful nature, which terminated in his death on Sunday night. He was 33 years of age, and at one time was known as a successful elocutionist, for which reason he was chosen to deliver the oration on the turning out of the hundredth locomotive from the Phoenix Foundry. He was married to a daughter of Mr. A. McCubbin, of Learmonth, whom he leaves to mourn the loss of her husband. He also leaves three children. For some years prior to his death Mr. Carnegie took a prominent part in religious matters, and used mostly always to preach in the Mechanics’ Institute and in Sturt street on Sunday evenings. He was esteemed by all who knew him, and his death will be mourned by many. The funeral took place on Tuesday, and was largely attended. Among those who joined in the cortege were a number of local preachers, representatives of the various ironworking trades, and several members of literary associations. The remains were interred in the Old Cemetery. Mr. Chas. Morris conducted the funeral arrangements. Much sympathy is felt for the widow and family in their bereavement.[2]



David Carnegie married Margaret Black

--+ Nelly Carnegie (1788-?)

--+ Margaret Carnegie (1790-?)

--+ William Carnegie (1792-?)

--+ Andrew Carnegie (1794-?)

--+ John Carnegie (1795-?)

--+ David Carnegie (1802.-1888) married Cecelia Hendry (1795-1881)

--.--+ John Carnegie (1826-1883)

--.--+ James Carnegie (1828-1906) married Diana Waldie Clark (c1830-1920)

--.--.--+ David Carnegie (1857-1890) married Catherine McCubbin

--.--.--.--+ James Claude Carnegie (1882-?)

--.--.--.--+ Elizabeth Zelinda Carnegie (1884-?)

--.--.--.--+ Diana Waldie Clarke Carnegie (1886-?)

--.--.--.--+ Kate Lois Carnegie (1889-?)

--.--.--.--+ Agnes Florence Gibson Carnegie (1891-?)

--.--.--+ Alexander Clarke Carnegie (1858-1912)

--.--.--+ Cecelia Hendry Carnegie (1861-1933) married John Robert William Dickinson

--.--.--+ James Grant Carnegie (1865-1866)

--.--+ David Carnegie (1831-1888) married Isabella Barron (1843-1873)

--.--.--+ Isabella Miller Carnegie (1863-1929) married Francis Love (1862-1919)

--.--.--.--+ Isabella Barron Love (1888-1973) married Harold Butt

--.--.--.--+ George Francis Love (1891-1970) married Ellen Irene Martin

--.--.--+ David Hendry Carnegie (1865-?) married Elizabeth Mary Agnes Love

--.--.--+ Helen Burn Carnegie (1868-?)

--.--.--+ Alice Elizabeth Carnegie (1870-?) married Theophilus Heber Clarke

--.--.--+ Margaret Edith Carnegie (1871-1943) married John Percy Mann

--.--.--+ Mary Miller Carnegie (1873-1935)

--.--+ Margaret Carnegie (1831-?)

--.--+ Anne Carnegie (1833-?)

--.--+ William Carnegie (1836-1890) married Helen Thorburn Barron (1846-1926)

--.--.--+ Isabella Cecilia Carnegie (1866-?) married James Nixon

--.--.--+ Elizabeth Jane Carnegie (1869-?)

--.--.--+ William Barron Carnegie (1871-?)

--.--.--+ John Keith Carnegie (1873-?) married Charlotte Alice Higginbotham

--.--.--.--+ Bertha Vic Carnegie (1900-?)

--.--.--+ James Carnegie (1875-?)

--.--.--+ Violet Ann Carnegie (1881-?)

--.--.--+ Helen Thorburn Carnegie (1878-?)

--.--.--+ Ruby may Carnegie (1885-?) married Arthur Nimon

--.--.--+ Norman Alexander Carnegie (1888-1917)

--.--+ Alexander Carnegie (1838-?)

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