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Researchers should be wary of historic street locations as the streets of Ballarat and surrounds have been renumbered over the years.



Dawson Street is a street in Ballarat, Victoria. It was named after William Dawson, an ironmonger.[1]

Businesses and people in Dawson Street

Address known

1-3 Dawson Street - Parkinson & Co. (<1888>)

12 Dawson Street south - Ballarat Star Dairies (<1943-1945>)

Emerald Cottage, opposite Catholic Church - Mrs. Overend, milliner and dressmaker, <1862>

Address unknown

William Allen, carpenter and joiner (<1858-1887>)

Charles Attwood, carpenter and joiner (<1887>)

A. Bethune, baker (<1858>)

Thomas Bevan, carpenter (<1858>)

Carr and Lewis, engineers and wheelwrights (<1858>)

Phillip Charley, coachbuilder (<1865>)

Cooper, Lee and Co., lemonade manufacturers (<1858>)

Reuben Diggins, miner (<1858>)

William Ditchburn, saddler (<1866>)

John Hazel, miner (<1858>)

Charles Ivory, carpenter (<1858>)

George Rowe Kerr (c1825-1890), engineer and ironfounder (<1887>)

George Morris, carpenter (<1858>)

John Maxwell, butcher (<1858>)

John Milian, miner (<1858>)

W. Seely, builder (<1887>)

William Walters, blacksmith and farrier (<1887>)

S. Wellington, manufacturing undertaker (<1887>)

John White, engineer and ironfounder (<1887>)

(cnr Urquhart Street) - All Nations Hotel

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