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Presentations by: Rev. W. Williams, W. H. Wooster, W. Burbidge, W. Corbould, A. Doepel, Grayson, F. M. Krause, F. J. Martell, Dr Ochiltree, Alfred Mica Smith, H. Sutton, Dr Usher, Miss Wooster.

Following up recent successful experiments made in Rontgen X rays photography by Messrs F. J. Martel), S. E. Figgis, D. Mc'Dougall, and H. Murphy, Mr Andrew Anderson, president of the Ballarat School of Mines, last night invited a number of ladies and gentlemen to witness a practical demonstration of the process. Amongst those present were the members of the council of the school. Professors Alfred Mica Smith, G. J. Dawbarn and Prof. Purdie, and Mr William H. Steele; Dr Pinnock, Dr Ochiltree, Dr. Joseph Usher, R.S. Mitchell, Col (Dr) Hardy, Champion, Davies, Cussen, Herring, and Grace Vale, and several leading citizens. [2]


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