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John Adair & Co.

Alexander Bros.

James Allan & Son

James Allen

J. M. Anderson

Andyle, Bros. and Co.

Barbour and Co.

Charles Pine Bennett

Jacob Bernstein

Blyth & McDougall

Blythe & McDougall

Edward Blythe

Bradshaw, Salmon, McCleverty and Leake

Francis Brady

Henry Brind, draper

Byers & Co.

Cahill Bros.

William Cahill

Mrs Coates

Samuel Coupland

Joseph Coward

John Cowley

A. Crawford

George Crocker

Davie & Fox

Harry Davies & Co.

Economic Drapery House

Evans, Picton & Co.


Fitzgerald Bros.

John Fitzgerald

Thomas Fitzgerald

W. Flegeltaub

James Fletcher

L. Flohm

Fuggle & Richards

Ebenezer Gray

Frederick Charles Gray

Henry Mander Greaves

A. & R. Greenwood

James A. Gregory

John Haghan

Patrick Hannigan

John Hardie

Harrison and Garnet

Harriman and Graham

Edward Higgans

J. Higgins

John Higgins & Co.

Horsley Bros.

William Horsley

Richard James

Samuel Jamieson

Jebb & Sons

Mrs Jones

J. Joseph


Kane and Cairncross

A. Kortlangs

William Wreford Lane

Jacob Lanyon

Robert Lorimer

John McDougall

McLeod & Grant

Edward McRoberts

Melbourne Cash Drapery Co.

Alexander Miller & Co.

J. G. Morrey

Robert Northey


George Palmer

James Henry Peacock

Richard Phillips

Powne & Gray

George Raby

R. Riordan

J. & J. Roff

Joseph Roff

George Ruby

Charles E. Smith

H. & C. E. Smith

Smith & Hardie

George Spicer & William Edward Allen

S. Steele

Charles Stewart

Stubbs and Co.

Joseph Stubbs

Arthur B. Summons

Thom, Gray & Co.

Mrs L. Thomas

Mrs T. Thomas

A. Thompson

Thomson & Blyth

Thomson & Blythe

Nicholas John Trewak

George G. Tuckett

Twentyman and Stamper

J. Twentyman

J. Tyler

Tyler's Drapery


Thomas Walker

Alexander Walsh

Walton & Charles

Warne and Rand

Webb Bros.

Benjamin White

Thomas W. White

M. P. Whiteside

Walter Williams

Williamson and Hiles

J. Wood

Wymond and Vasey

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