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The Duchess of Kent Hotel was in Ballarat, Victoria, <1857-1862>





The Duchess of Kent Hotel was in Main Street, Ballarat.[1] In 1862 the site was described as being opposite a two storyed boarding house which was the source of a fire that destroyed 30 buildings.[2]


In 1858 the publican was fined for having an unlicenced bagatelle table:

Chas. Scorer, Duchess of Kent Hotel, for having an unlicensed bagatelle table. The defendant said the town clerk had told him the police would not interfere until certain correspondence between the Government and the Municipal Council had ended. The magistrate said the Municipal Council had no jurisdiction over licensed houses, and if publicans were fools enough to listen to such advice as that mentioned they must take the consequences. Under the circumstances, however, a mitigated fine of 10s only would be imposed.[3]

Community Involvement

  • In May 1859 A meeeting of storekeepers and other inhabitants of the Main Road was held yesterday (Thursday) evening, at the Duchess of Kent Theatre, to "nominate a deputation to convey the memorial to Government," &C : The meeting, which was convened by circular, was attended by about forty gentlemen, all well known as representing property in Ballarat East. The chair was taken by Mr R. B. Gibbs.[4]

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  • In September 1869 Henry Glennister, landlord of the Duchess of Kent hotel, Main street, was summoned, and appeared on remand of the case from Friday, viz., for allowing prostitutes to assemble and remain in his licensed house[8]


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