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Origin of the name

Dunolly is situated 178 km north-west of Melbourne and 23kms north of Maryborough. In the 1860's the main street of Dunolly which is named "Broadway", extended for 3 miles (5Km) and consisted of many banks, hotels and other businesses, some of which still exist today.


Dunolly is an historic town, well known for large gold finds during the early gold rushes.


Geography and climate







Dunolly Grain Silos


Dunolly is part of the Golden Triangle Tour route,which famous for the large sizes, purity, and quantities of gold nuggets found within the area.


The railway reached Dunolly in 1878 and the railway station was built in 1879.



Dunolly School 189

The Dunolly School was opened by the church of England, in the main street of Dunolly on the 3rd August 1857. The school operated out of a rented building and was closed on the 31st May 1875, it was replaced by SS1582. State School 1582, was opened on the 1st June 1875 by Thomas Rose, who was the last Head Teacher of State School 189. [1]

Dunolly School 1582

In 1873 DI Bolan, selected a site for the Dunolly School, however the site was revoked by the Mining Department as the site had an auriferous reef on it. In July 1874, the present site was gazetted and the next year SS1582 was opened by Thomas Bully Ross. The school had three classrooms and in 1892, the Department acquired a residence. In 1909, the Department selected a site for a new school but later decided to remodel the old one, the renovations were completed in 1914 at a cost of 880 pounds. [2]

Mrs Sayers Ladies' School

Mrs Sayers Ladies' School was run from the Congregational Parsonage

Mrs Woodruffe's Private School for Young ladies

Schild's Commercial and Boarding and Day School

Mr John Schild was a free church man and ran his school for both sexes, he charged twelve guineas per quarter year. The school was located in Market Square, he also purchased land next to the Methodist Church in 1859. [3]

St Johns Anglican School

Saint Mary's Convent School



Bendigo Hotel Dunolly - Bristol Arms Hotel Dunolly - Bull and Mouth Hotel Dunolly - Camp Hotel (Dunolly) - Commercial Hotel Dunolly - Criterion Hotel Dunolly - Eagle Saloon Dunolly - Frayne's Hotel Dunolly - Golden Age Hotel Dunolly - Live and Let Live Hotel Dunolly - Manchester Hotel - Mt Bealiba Hotel Dunolly - Old Dunolly Hotel - Pick and Shovel Hotel Dunolly - Railway Hotel, Dunolly - Red Lion Hotel Dunolly - Royal Hotel Dunolly - Spread Eagle Hotel Dunolly - Telegraph Hotel Dunolly - Windsor Castle Hotel Dunolly

Mining in Dunolly

Mining companies in Dunolly


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