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DEATH OF MR. E: J. NUZUM. [Jun] Much regret was expressed in Horsham on Wednesday morning oy the receipt of information that the dead body of Mr. E. J. Nuzum, late land officer at Ballaat, who was recently suspended, had been found in the Yarra. Our Melbourne correspondent, writing in regard to the occurrence, reported :-" Some persons on board the the tug boat Amy, noticed the body of a man floating in the Yarra near the new canal on Tuesday morning. It was at once taken in tow, and handed to the police who had the body taken to the morgue. There it was identified as that of Edward John Nuzum, lately land officer at Ballarat. Nuzum, who leaves a widow and four children, was under suspension for alleged irregularity in his accounts, and had been missing from home since last week. The Public Serviceboard held an enquiry at Ballarat on Friday, but Nuzum was not prenent. The amount stated to have been improperly used by the deceased was between £20 and £39." Mr. Nuzum was well liked and respected in Ballarat, and was in receipt: of salary of £295 per annum, as land officer. His untimely end, apparently brought about by his own rash act is regretted by a large circle of friends.[1]

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  1. Horsham Times, 26 August 1892.

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