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Edward Hargreaves Price was born 19 February 1878 to Eleanor Price and John Pittard Price – in a small cottage on the Geelong Road. His father died when he was only seven months old.[1]

Known to family and friends as ‘Ted’, he attended the Dana Street State School.

Edward was a runner with the Ballarat Harriers.

At age 13 Ted was apprenticed to the Ballarat cabinet maker Mr W. A. Lamont; and stayed in his employment for five-and-a-half years. In 1898, at age 20, Ted joined his mother’s growing clothing business, the ‘Busybee’ (later the Lucas Clothing Factory).[1]

Ted Price married Elvira Morris on 30 December 1902.

Edward was elected to the board of the Ballarat Churches of Christ Dawson Street Church in 1907 and elected chairman for three months on 5 May 1913.[1]

Ted Price purchased a car in 1912.


Price served on committees of the Ballarat Benevolent Asylum, the Industrial Exhibition and the Forward Ballarat Movement.[2]

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