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Elijah Aspinall was a brickmaker in Peel Street, Ballarat East. He was born in 1817 in Bolton, Lancashire, England to parents Thomas and Elizabeth. He died in 1877 aged 60.

Period Active 1857 -1877

Married Elizabeth Margaret Radcliffe, Bolton


  • Elizabeth (Betsy) 1846-1914
  • Thomas 1851-1918
  • Maria 1859-1859
  • Sarah Ann 1862-1951

Arrived In Melbourne, February 1855 on board the “Shalimar”



At a meeting of the Eastern Municipal Council on Tuesday the 8th of July 1862, the Town Clerk read a letter “from Elijah Aspinall stating that he had seen in the Star that Mr John Hurst of Mopoke Gully had made application to have the present surveyed street (Peel Street) and that a very little deviation would take it over a better course, &c. If such deviation should be agreed (contended the writer) all of the brick clay used by him and five or six other persons who followed the avocation of brick makers would be interfered with as well as some twenty ratepayers who had registered frontages on the new line of the street. He protested on anything of the kind being done, as it would ruin him and the rest of the brick makers. He was struck dumb with astonishment at the utter selfishness and ingratitude of Mr Hurst’s application. As it was he who had showed him where to set down to brick making in 1857 and it was all nonsense for Mr Hurst to say that he had expended £500 in plant &c, when £10 would start any brick makers in the business, and his business could be removed to the line of Peel Street for £20.”

In August 1864, Elijah advertised 5,000 bricks for sale at £1 per thousand.

On Friday, the 7th of October 1864, Elijah was charged with “threatening behavior and obscene language.” He was fined 20/- or 48 hours imprisonment. Against whom is not known.

On Tuesday the 18th of October 1864, C.W.Sherard, Commissioner for Crown Lands forwarded an application from Elijah for the granting of a license for brick making near Brougham Street, Ballarat East. The application was referred to the Engineer.

On Friday the 15th of February 1867, he was charged and convicted of failing to take out his license as a brick maker. He was fined 40/- with costs.


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