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A PRACTICAL ENGINEER is open to an engagement to erect Steam Engines, or any description of Machinery.
Address Lancashire Store, Main-road, Ballarat, nearly opposite Sweeney’s Horse Bazaar.<ref>The Star (Ballarat, Vic. : 1855 - 1864), Thursday 7 August 1856, page 3. Digital copy accessed via Trove.</ref>

In 1873 the candidate for the Certificate of Mining Engineer at the Ballarat School of Mines were required to pass the following subjects:


Geology, as applied to Mining


Inorganic Chemistry - Theoretical and Practical


The Principles of Mining, including Ventilation of Mines

Drawing Plans for and Construction of Machinery

Selected Specifications

Mechanics - Theoretical and Applied, Calculation of Strength and Strain of Materials

Natural Philosophy - including heat, Hydraulics, Hydrostatics - the Steam Engine.

Candidates could either present themselves for all the above Subjects at one Examination, or they may present themselves for the first five Subjects at one half-yearly Examination, and the remaining five Subjects at a second examination, but not more than two half-yearly examinations must intervene between the first and second examinations.[1]

The People

William Henry Shaw (1830-1896), assisted by Hugh Reid (c1841-1901) of the Phoenix Foundry taught Mechanical Engineering Drawing at the Ballarat School of Mines in <1880-1883>.[2]

Ballarat School of Mines Certificate of Competency for Engineering

# Name Year
William H. Keast 1872



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  1. The School of Mines Ballarat: A Statement of the Objects and Present Resources of the School, 1873.
  2. Ballarat School of Mines Annual Report, 1883.

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