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In 1896 lectures were delivered on the construction and design of the steam engine, machines, and mining machinery in general, also rules and proportions based on the best modern practice, with calculations of all strains and stresses. Periodic visits were made to various mines and engineering works in the Ballarat district where the various methods of fitting and preparing the works in course of construction is explained, enabling students to obtain a thorough practical knowledge of the subject by sketching and drawing the actual machine or engine detail in the 1st Grade, to the complete and original designing in the 3rd Grade.[1]

In 1896 the lecture syllabus included Machine Design; Steam Engine Design and Mining Machinery.[2]

The People

William Henry Shaw (1830-1896), assisted by Hugh Reid (c1841-1901) of the Phoenix Foundry taught Mechanical Engineering Drawing at the Ballarat School of Mines in <1880-1883>.[3]

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