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Eugene Bourdet was a publican in Ballarat, Victoria, <1883.



Bourdet was born in France. He was publican of the Imperial Hotel, and was about to transfer his license to the Lusitania Hotel in 1883:

DETERMINED SUICIDE AT BALLARAT. (BY TELEGRAPH.) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) BALLARAT, Friday A most determined suicide took place this evening at Black-hill. Mr. Eugene Bourdet, a Frenchman, and late licensee of the Imperial Hotel in Armstrong-street]], was seen walking about the locality of the Devil's Point mine during the afternoon, and between four and five o'clock a lad found his body hanging from a beam in the braceman's shelter box. Three broken leather belts were found on the floor, leading to the belief that the unfortunate man had made several unsuccessful attempts to end his life. When cut down the body was warm, but life had been extinct some time. No cause whatever can be assigned for the act. Mr Bourdet was to have taken possession of the Lusitania Hotel the same afternoon, and had made an appointment to meet his wife at four o'clock. He was believed to be in very good circumstances, and attended several mining meetings during the week.[1]



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