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S.T. Gill, Site of Bentley's Hotel - Eureka Ballaarat, 1855, from W.B. Wither's History of Ballarat, 1887
Day's Eureka Hotel, 1888. This hotel was built after the burning of Bentley's Eureka Hotel in 1854. Ballarat Heritage Services Picture Collection

The Eureka Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat East, Victoria, 1854-1891.



The hotel was opened by James Bentley on 12 July 1854. On the first day the bar takings were £350.[1] Eureka HOtel2-wiki


The hotel played a pivotal role in the disturbances which led to the Eureka Stockade. On 7 October 1854, miner James Scobie was murdered outside the Eureka Hotel. When the publican, Bentley, was acquitted of involvement in the death, the miners marched on the hotel. During a riot outside on 12 October 1854, the original hotel building was burned to the ground.[2]

It was one of the 40 hotels closed in 1891 in Ballarat East as part of the changes to licensing laws.[3] The owners were paid £904 compensation for the closure of the business.[3]


The hotel was built on the north east corner of Eureka Street and Otway Streets, Ballarat East.


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The burning of Bentley's Eureka Hotel in 1854 is a key feature in Sovereign Hill's sound and light show, Blood on the Southern Cross.

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  • In June 1888 Inspector Parkinson described the licensed house A wooden building, eight rooms, lined with pine, with concrete between: fairly well furnished, and fairly conducted; chiefly bar business. Frederick Edward Day, licensee of the Eureka hotel, said his house was at the corner of three streets. His takings amounted to £7O a month. There were three bacon factories near his place, and the employees patronised his establishment. The place had been licensed for 34 years.[7]


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