Factory Day, 1917

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Factory Day was an initiative of the Forward Ballarat Movement.

To the Editor of “The Courier.”
‘Sir.-In your issue of 21st we note that the Forward Ballarat Committee has given us permission to make a charge to visitors desiring to see our works on Factory, Day, the proceeds from which are to be given to the Red Cross. We purpose making a good show of our productions in the factory and charging (?) admission to see the show and the works, but the proceeds are to be devoted to our “Avenue of Honor” Fund, and the building of homes for soldiers, and not the Red Cross Fund as stated.-Yours, etc., E. LUCAS AND CO. PTY. LTD.' [1]


An advertisement for Factory Day ran in The Ballarat Courier...

‘FACTORY DAY .. ESTABLISHMENTS OPEN TO VISITORS. .. The following factories will be open to visitors on Friday next:- .. Allchin Bros., bags and footballs, 20 Doveton street north. .. Ballarat Woollen Mills, Sunnyside. .. Benoit, C. S., Sun Foundry, Mair street. .. Batch, J. F., furniture, 311 Drummond street south. .. Ballarat Gas Co., Grenville street. .. Ballarat Brewing Co., Armstrong street. .. Berry, Anderson, and Co., printers, Dana street. .. Baxter and Stubbs, printers, Grenville street. .. Ballarat Butter Factory, Curtis street. .. Cowley’s Eureka ironworks, Eureka. .. “The Courier” Office, Sturt street. .. Doveton Woollen Mills, Ballarat North. .. Ellingsen, W. J. furniture, Davey street. .. Electric Supply Co. .. Eureka Brewing Co., cordials, Creswick road. .. “Echo” office, Camp street. .. George Farmer, ham and bacon, Eureka. .. Glasson, E. A., ladies’ clothing, 58 Lydiard street north. .. Goodfellow’s, cordials, Ballarat East. .. Jelbart’s Pty. Ltd., engineers, Mair street. .. Lucas and Co., ladies’ clothing, Doveton street. .. Morse and Co., S., vehicles, Doveton street. .. Middleton and Morris, air gas machines, Sturt street. .. McPhee and Wilson, vehicles, Doveton street. .. Railway Workshops, Ballarat North. .. Rowlands and Co., cordials, Dana street. .. School of Mines, Lydiard street. .. States Cracker Co., biscuits and lollies, Victoria street. .. R. Tunbridge and Sons Pty. Ltd., furniture, Sturt street. .. Jas. Tyler and Co., whitework factory, Grenville street. .. White, Mrs, ladies’ clothing, 301 Lyons street south. .. H. Noakes, manufacturing upholsterer, 625 Sturt street. .. Metal Furniture Co., Anderson street. .. M. B. John, brass founders, Lydiard street south. .. J. McLeod and Co. Pty. Ltd., Sirdar Goods, Sturt street. .. Ballarat Jam Factory, Davey street. .. Geo. J. Ellis, Empire Café, 80 Bridge street. .. All the above factories will welcome you on Friday. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Walk right in and get acquainted.’ [2]


The People

Businesses represented on the day were:


Allchin Brothers

Ballarat Brewing Company

Ballarat Butter Factory

Ballarat Electric Supply Company

Ballarat Gas Company

Ballarat Jam Factory

Ballarat School of Mines

Ballarat Woollen Mill

Baxter and Stubbs

Berry, Anderson & Co.

Doveton Woollen Mill Company

E. A. Glasson, ladies’ clothing

Ellingsen's Furniture Factory

Eureka Brewing Co.

Eureka Foundry

George J. Ellis, Empire Café

George Farmer & Co.

Goodfellow's Cordial Factory

H. Noakes, manufacturing upholsterer

J. McLeod and Co. Pty. Ltd., Sirdar Goods – later McKay & McLeod Sauces

James F. Batch

James Tyler and Co., whiteworks – later Tyler's Drapery


Lucas Clothing Factory

M.B. John

McPhee and Wilson, vehicles

Metal Furniture Co., Anderson Street

Middleton and Morris, air gas machines

Mrs White, ladies’ clothing

Railway Workshops

Rowlands Soft Drink Factory

S. Morse and Co., vehicles

States Cracker Co.

Sun Foundry

The Ballarat Courier

Tunbridge's Furniture Factory


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