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There was also a Fire Brigade Hotel on the corner of Sturt and Raglan Streets.
There was also a Fire Brigade Hotel in Daylesford.

The Fire Brigade Hotel was in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1862-1891.




It was one of the 40 hotels closed in 1891 in Ballarat East as part of the changes to licensing laws.[1] The owners were paid £779 compensation for the closure of the business.[1]


The Fire Brigade Hotel was in Barkly Street, Ballarat East.[2]


Community Involvement

The hotel was also used for community events.

In March 1861 the hotel was the venue for the marriage of Ebenezer Thomas and Mary Jones:

MARRIAGE. On the 14th inst., by Rev. J. Farr, at Mr Richard Morgan's, Fire Brigade Hotel, Barkly street, Ballarat East, Mr Ebenezer Thomas, Saddler, Main road, formerly of Llanidan, Anglesea, to Mary Jones, late of Aberdare, Glamorganshire.[3]

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Mr. Simon Dempster, an old resident of Ballarat, committed suicide, on Saturday night, at Morgan's Fire Brigade Hotel, in Barkly-street. Mr. Dempster came to Ballarat about sixteen years ago, and was barman at the old Charlie Napier, in the Main road, for some time. He then got married, and started business as a plumber and gasfitter, near the Ballarat East branch of the London Chartered Bank in the Main road. He was also an energetic member of the Ballarat Fire Brigade until 21at September, 1868, when differences with his wife caused him to leave Ballarat for Melbourne. Before he left he was presented with a valuable silver watch by the fire brigade. While in Melbourne, where he carried on business with his brother, Mr. A. Dempster, of Russell-street, he appeared in the police court on one or two occasions at the summons of his wife, and it appears that they have not been living together for two or three years. About ten days ago he returned to Ballarat with the intention of recommencing business in his old premises. He was stopping at the Fire Brigade Hotel, and went to bed perfectly sober and apparently in his usual condition of mind at about ten o'olock on Saturday night. He slept in a room at the back of the house, and at eleven o'clock Mr. Morgan heard the report of a pistol. He went to the room occupied by the deceased man and knocked, but got no answer. Finding the door locked on the inside he pushed it open and found the wretched man on his back on the bed, with a bullet wound in his left breast over the region of the heart. A six-barrelled old-fashioned revolver was on the floor, and the deceased man's arm hung over the side of the bed as if he had just dropped the weapon. He gave one low moan, and was apparently dead before Dr. Clendenning and the police, who were immediately sent for, arrived. The bed clothes were saturated with blood from the wound. On the table in the room the police found a powder-flask, a number of copper cartridges, some small bullets, and some percussion caps. The revolver was loaded in all the barrels, but only one had been discharged. In the pockets of the de-ceased man's clothes a number of portraits and papers were found, and in a pocket-book were memoranda of the dates at which he and his wife had appeared in court, and of his different meetings with her in Melbourne. The body, with the permission of the coroner, was removed from the hotel and placed in the lower room of the Fire Brigade tower at nine o'clock on Sunday morning. The deceased was about thirty-four years of age. At an inquest held the jury found that death was caused by these injuries, by the infliction of a wound by deceased himself, during a fit of temporary insanity. — Ballarat Star, 15 th April.[6]


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