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Francis Wilson was married to Martha. They sailed to Australia in 1857 on the Morning Light in 1857, and settled in Doncaster (now a suburb of Melbourne) where they established an orchard. In 1885 Francis Wilson made his way to Pootilla in search of work, and later bought land in Brown Hill. They bought a Gracefield Road property in 1890.



Francis and Martha Wilson had a family of 10 children:

  • Rubina Wilson (born England)
  • Emily Wilson (born England)
  • Martha Wilson (born England)
  • Francis (Frank) Wilson
  • Lillian Wilson
  • Frederick Wilson
  • Edward Wilson (married Clarice. Son is Arthur Wilson)
  • Rupert Wilson
  • Albert Wilson (1) (worked an orchard in Hillview Road, Brown Hill
  • Silvia Wilson

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