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Frank Pinkerton was a solicitor who was born at Ballarat in 1858, the son of pioneer mining investor William Pinkerton. Frank entered Ballarat College in 1877. He successfully completed a law course at Melbourne University before commencing as articled clerk to Hon. Agar Wynne, solicitor of Ballarat and Melbourne, and member of the SMB Council 188?-1894. Pinkerton was admitted to practise as a barrister and solicitor in the Supreme Court of Victoria in 1885. He was also a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in Victoria and NSW.[1]

In 1885 Pinkerton went into partnership with one of Ballarat's leading solicitors, Charles Salter (Salter & Pinkerton) who had first established himself in practice locally in 1856. After this partnership was dissolved in 1899, Pinkerton continued in sole practice at Ballarat. The firm of Salter & Pinkerton survived until 1928 when it taken over by another local firm, Cuthbert, Morrow, Must & Shaw.[2]

Frank Pinkerton played a prominent role in Ballarat's civic affairs and was honorary solicitor to various important institutions, including the Ballarat Benevolent Asylum. He died at Ballarat on 24 March 1931, leaving an estate valued at approximately £32,000. Under the terms of Pinkerton's Will, the School of Mines and Industries received the sum of £1,000 as a fund to provide income to found a scholarship, to be called the 'Frank Pinkerton Scholarship.'[3]

A Letter from the Ballarat Trustees Co. informed the COuncil of the School of Mines that by the will of Frank Pinkerton 1000 pounds had been left to the school to be invested and the interest used to provide a scholarship, to be known as the Frank Pinkerton Scholarship, in such a manner as the council deemed most expedient. The school has previously received 991 pounds from the estate of the late Martha Pinkerton, sister of the late Mr Frank Pinkerton.[4]


Ballarat School of Mines Frank Pinkerton Scholarship. The winners include:

1942 Robert Jermyn McKenzie

1968 B.E. Van Every and P.W. Pittard

1970 J.M. Ryan and N.E. Kerby

1971 B.C. Edward and C.D. Haustorfer

1972 B.C. Edward and G.A. Holland


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