Frederick William Stephenson (1860-1937)

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Frederick William Stephenson was born 1860 in Ballarat (Victoria, Australia) to John Oliver Stephenson (c1825-1905) and Annie nee Stewart (c1835-1904).

Frederick William Stephenson was a pattern maker. He worked at the Phoenix Foundry.

Frederick William Stephenson died 31 August 1937 in his home "Rocklea" at 56 George Street, Rockdale (New South Wales, Australia). He is buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Woronora.



Thomas Stephenson married Emma Sarah Philpot

--+ John Oliver Stephenson (c1825-1905) married Annie Stewart (c1835-1904)

--.--+ Frederick William Stephenson (1860-1937) married Amelia Belcher (1861-1946)

--.--.--+ John Stephenson

--.--.--+ Frederick Charles Stephenson (1884-1946) married Anna Dorothy Drifke (1886-?)

--.--.--.--+ Frederick Lloyd Stephenson

--.--.--.--+ CHILD Stephenson

--.--.--+ Herbert Stephenson

--.--.--+ Millie Stephenson married G. Morshead

--.--.--+ Albert Stephenson

--.--.--+ Stanley Stephenson

--.--.--+ Amy Stephenson married UNKNOWN Scutt

--.--.--+ Charles Stephenson

--.--.--+ Frank Stephenson

--.--+ Charles Stewart Stephenson (1861-?)

--.--+ William Stewart Stephenson (1866-1953)

--.--+ Emma Sarah Stephenson (1867-?)

--.--+ Ann Stephenson (1869-?)

--.--+ Agnes Rosina Stephenson (1870-1874)

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