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George Frank Wightman was born 30 October 1868 in Thornton (Victoria, Australia) to Richard Wisdom Wightman (c1832-1916) and Helena Mary Agnes nee Heatley (c1832-1870).

George Frank Wightman was an apprentice at the Phoenix Foundry.

George Frank Wightman died 2 October 1938 in a private hospital in East Melbourne (Victoria, Australia).

The death took place on Monday of Mr. George F. Wightman, a Victorian engineer. He was a resident of Kew for many years. Mr. Wightman was born in Alexandra 69 years ago, and was apprenticed to the Phoenix Foundry, Ballarat, which held contracts for building Victorian railway locomotives for many years. He was one of the earliest electrical engineers in Victoria, and was one of the first mining engineers on the Kalgoorlie goldfield, where he worked for four years. After further experience on goldfields in Victoria and New South Wales, he returned to Melbourne, where he was engaged on metropolitan engineering for 20 years. Mr. Wightman was a past master of the Orion Masonic Lodge in Ballarat. He is survived by a widow and family. (Mr. Wightman was a step brother of Mr. F. Wightman (Thornton) and Mr. C. Wightman (Taggerty.)[1]



William Wisdom Wightman married Rachael UNKNOWN

--+ Richard Wisdom Wightman (c1932-1916) married Helena Mary Agnes Heatley (c1832-1870)

--.--+ William Montgomery Wightman (1859-1933) married Louisa Hudson

--.--.--+ William Campbell Wightman (?-1907)

--.--+ Marie Helena Wightman (1860-1841) married Thomas Henry Hall

--.--+ John Campbell Wightman (1862-1927)

--.--+ Florence Ellen Wightman (1864-1907) married Germain Nicholson

--.--.--+ Ivy Nicholson married UNKNOWN Crook

--.--.--+ Elsie Nicholson married UNKNOWN Rockliff

--.--.--+ Stanley Nicholson

--.--.--+ Evelyn Franklin Nicholson married UNKNOWN Tyack

--.--+ Agnes Louisa Wightman (1865-1946)

--.--+ Edith Mary Wightman (1866-1937) married Alex Wakenshaw

--.--+ George Frank Wightman (1868-1938) married Hannah Jane McCracken (?-1920)

--.--.--+ Margaret Frances Wightman (c1897-1968)

--.--.--+ Thomas Richard Wightman (1898-1982)

--.--.--+ Edith Lillian Wightman (1903-1992)

--.--.--+ Hannah Jean Wightman (1912-2011)

--...+ George Frank Wightman (1868-1938) married Coralie Eliza Kimber

--+ Richard Wisdom Wightman (c1932-1916) married Jane Kingsford (c1842-1922)

--.--+ Frederick Henry Wightman (1872-1946) married Rose Clara Brooks

--.--+ Alice Selena Wightman (1874-1943)

--.--+ Charles Edward Wightman (1874-1949) married Mary Jane Gilmore

--.--.--+ Eric Kingsford Wightman (1912-1974)

--.--.--+ Ivan Charles Frederick Wightman (1914-?)

--.--+ Harry Kingsford Wightman (c1877-1953) married Jessie Jameson Christie

--.--+ Richard Wisdom Wightman (1880-1949)

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