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George Goldsack was the manager of the Ballarat Quartz-Crushing, Amalgamating, and Subliming Company.[1]







August 28 NOTICE.— Mr. G. Goldsack, has this day been discharged from my employ. I therefore beg to inform the public that I will not be responsible for any transactions with him in any way whatsoever. GEORGE CORNWELL. Witness — Daniel J. Joiner. August 25th 1855. 80a 637[2]

September 22 PROSPECTUS. Of the BALLARAT QUARTZ-CRUSHING, AMALGAMATING, AND SUBLIMING COMPANY. Capital, £2500. in 40 shares of £50 each. Deposit, £10; second instalment, £15; to be paid on the Company being duly registered under the new Act of Council. The balance to be paid in six weeks, when the whole machinery will commence its operations. The liability of each shareholder will be limited the amount of his share. Trustees:— Three gentlemen to be selected from the shareholders, at the first General Meeting. The Managing Committee:— To be selected at the same time. Bankers :— The Bank of Australasia. Manager :— George Goldsack, Esq. Solicitor: — J. G. M. Wigley, Esq., Ballarat. The advantages of the this Company are: — First,—That it is absolutely free from any speculative risks or liabilities, there being a certain return for all work done by the company. Second,—That the machinery can be worked at a comparatively trifling expense. Third,—That the profits (calculated on the soundest principles) will return a very large per centage on the amount cf capital. Fourth,—That the principle adopted by the machinery secures the whole of the gold from the quartz without any loss of mercury. Fifth,—That the quartz will be subjected to the process of burning, thereby facilitating the crushing and destroying the antagonistic action of sulphur and mercury. Besides,—Numerous other advantages, which will be fully explained to the share- holders. N.B. The preliminary deposit of £10 will be received by the Bank of Australasia., where an account is opened by the Company. No monies to be withdrawn until the Trustees are duly appointed.[3]


February 15 Edwards v Howe and others—Mr M'Dermott for the plaintiff; Mr Cuthbert for the defendants Howe and Holmes, Mr Harris for defendant Caselli. It was an action to recover £250 in lieu of a claim of £350 against the Ballarat Quartz Crushing Amalgamating and Subliming Company, the liability being incurred in the years 1855 and 1856. The consideration was goods supplied and a bill of exchange for £350, had been given by Mr Goldsack, the manager of the company, at the company's request. As Mr M'Dermott was unable at present to prove his case; it was postponed till the June sittings. [4]

March 18 "Geo. Goldsack" unsuccessfully applies to the Magistrates Court to become a collector.[5]

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