George Longley (1822-1899)

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George Longley was christened 26 August 1822 in Lowther (Westmorland, England), he was the son of William Longley and Sarah nee Garnett.

George Longley trained in horticulture at Lowther Castle in England. He sailed to Australia on the Marco Polo.

The services of George Longley were made available to the Ballarat School of Mines Botanical Gardens.

George Longley died 14 October 1899 in Ballarat (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the Ballaarat Old Cemetery (Area BN, Section 16, Grave 12).


George Longley was instrumental in creating the design of Wright and Armstrong into the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.


William Longley married Sarah Garnett

--+ George Longley (1822-1899) married Helen Tickle (c1818-1866)

--.--+ Sarah Jane Longley (1854-?)

--+ George Longley (1822-1899) married Elizabeth Williams (1831-1911)

--.--+ John George Longley (1869-1944) married Frances Wilson Jones (1869-1938)

--.--.--+ UNNAMED SON Longley (1901-1901)

--.--+ Mary Agnes Longley (1870-1874)

--.--+ Maud Josephine Longley (1872-1965)

--.--+ William Robert Longley (1873-1914)

--.--+ Daisy Augusta Longley (1875-1945) married William Thomas Ellis

--.--.--+ Dorothy Olwyn Ellis (1907-?)

--.--.--+ William George Ellis (1911-?)

--.--.--+ Jean Isabel Ellis (1915-?)

--.--+ Lizzie Longley

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