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This may be the same person as G. Marks.

The Ballarat Pottery Works was established shortly after the arrival of George Marks in Ballarat. He was a native of London, and had worked with Doulton and Sons before accepting an offer to moved to Austrlia and work in Brunswick, Victoria.



In 1861, industrialist George Marks established a pottery on Creswick Road in Ballarat, near the Ballaarat Old Cemetery. There with the help of four boys he produced salt-glazed drain pipes, chimney pots and tiles for Ballarat builders as well as a quantity of wheel-thrown jars, flower pots and saucers, water monkeys, bread pans, butter pots, ginger beer bottles, etc.

In 1878, Marks established a second pottery in Adelaide, leaving the administration of the Ballarat Pottery to his then new partner Samuel Coyte. Within a few years the pottery ceased to produce domestic wares, although it continued making pipes and fittings until 1928, when it was taken over by Martin Stoneware Pipe Ltd.

George Marks died in 1918.


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