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George Richards, of Ballarat, photographer, by his will dated November 14, 1881, appointed the Trustees Executors and Agency Company Limited his executors, and left them all his property in trust for the widow, Louisa, and the children. He directs that the company, at the request of his wife, shall carry on his business. One third of the money arising is income out of the estate is to be devoted to the use of the widow, and two thirds is to be used for the maintenance of the children, In the event of the death or re-marriage of the widow, her income shall cease and revert to tho estate. On the youngest child attaining the age of 21, the whole of the property is to be sold and the proceeds thus divided :-One third to the widow and the remainder to the children, share and share alike. Real £13,000, personal £7000, total £20,000.[1]



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  1. Table Talk, 02 November 1888.

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