Gilbert Duncan (c1829-1892)

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Gilbert Duncan was born about 1829 to Lawrence Duncan and Barbara Lavinia nee' Laurenson (c1802-1874).

In 1866 Gilbert Duncan was the Mayor of Ballarat.[1]

Gilbert Duncan was a shareholder and director of the Phoenix Foundry.

Gilbert Duncan died 4 June 1892 in his home at 3 Yuille Street, Ballarat (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the Ballaarat Old Cemetery - Area CCN, Section 5, Grave 9.



Lawrence Duncan married Barbara Lavinia Laurenson (c1802-1874)

--+ Catherine Duncan (?-1891) married Magnus Williamson (c1825-1875)

--+ Gilbert Duncan (c1829-1892) married Margaret Pollock (c1835-1876)

--.--+ Elizabeth Duncan (1858-1926)

--.--+ Gilbert Lawrence Duncan (1860-1860)

--.--+ Margaret Jane Duncan (1861-1935) married William Norton

--.--.--+ Gilbert Duncan Norton (1884-1959) married Ada Hannah Hall

--.--+ Barbara Georgina Duncan (1863-1883)

--.--+ Catherine Emma Duncan (1866-1935)

--.--+ Christina Agnes Duncan (1866-1942)

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THE WHITE FLAT BRIDGE. - SIR,-Having observed in your report of the proceedings of the Council of the Borough of Ballarat East, that the attention of this council be called to the dangerous state of the White Flat bridge, allow me to inform you that a joint meeting of the works committee of each council was held on the 13th day of December, 1865, when it was agreed that a new bridge should be erected. A copy of the resolutions was sent down to Ballarat East, and some technical objection was raised to the constitution of the meeting. Further, a meeting was arranged of the two councils for Monday last, to take place after the special meeting of the Water Commission, when this work would have been no doubt agreed to, but after the completion of the business of the commission, the meeting lapsed in consequence of two of the members ot Ballarat East leaving, and there not being then a quorum of their members present. The blame does not therefore rest with this council.[2]
Yours, &c.,
Mayor of Ballarat.


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  2. Ballarat Star, 28 February 1866.

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