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The Black Hill Gold Mining Company was one of the many nineteenth century gold mining companies in Ballarat. Black Hill was the first Quartz area in Ballarat to be mined. [1]

The first crushing battery put up at Ballarat was erected at the foot of Black Hill. [2]


See also: Amherst

Amherst Flat Hydraulic Sluicing Co.Amherst Tailings and Gold Mining Co.Amherst United Gold Mining Co.Croydon - Pearl Gold Mining Co.Florence Quartz Mining Co.Glenespie Golden AreaGolden Slates SyndicateKangaroo Gully Hydraulic Sluicing Co.May Day Gold Mining Co.New Briseis Quartz Mining Co.New Wellington Quartz Mining Co.North Union Quartz Mining Co.Taras Hall Extended Gold Mining Co.Union Quartz Mining Co.Venice Gold Mining Co.


See also: Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre Gold Dredging Co.Avoca River AlluvialsCentral Victorian Dredging Co.New Amphitheatre Co.Pyrenees Gold Dredging Co.Union Quartz Mining and Crushing Co.


See also Ararat

Ararat Grand Junction . Great Langi Logan GMC . Cathcart Central G.M.C.


See also: Archdale

Arthur's Creek

See also: Arthur's Creek

Arthur's Creek Gold Mining Co.Arthurs Creek North Gold Mining Co.Arthur's Creek South Gold Mining Co.


See also: Bealiba

Archdale Alluvial Gold Mining Co.Golden Indicator


See also: Avoca

Avoca Co.Avoca DevelopmentsAvoca Freehold and Leasehold Estate Co.Avoca Gold Dredging Co.Avoca Pty Dredging SyndicateAvoca Pty NLAvoca Quartz Mining Co.Avoca Railway Gold Dredging Co.Band of Hope Quartz Co.Bora GoldBung Bong Quartz Mining Co.Forest Hut Dredging Co.Frenchman's LeadGlenlofty (Avoca) AlluvialGlenmona Gold Mining Co.Golden Stream Co.Hogs ReefKara Kara and Melbourne Slate Co.Lamplough Gold Dredging Co.Melbourne and Avoca Gold Mining Co.Middle Creek AlluvialsMidland OptionsMonte Cristo Quartz Gold Mining and Crushing Co.Monte Christo ReefsMountain Hut AlluvialsNew Middle Creek AlluvialsNew Pyrenees AlluvialsNo 1 Creek Gold Dredging Co.Pactolus GMC Avoca - Pyrenees AlluvialsSandhurst Eureka Gold Mining Co.South Golden Bar Gold Mining Co.Union Jack Mining Co.Vales Reef Gold Mining Co.


See also: Glenlogie

Amphitheatre Gold Mining Co.


See also: Warrenmang

Avoca Wolfram Co.Warrenmang South Gold Mining Co.

Bacchus Marsh

See also: Bacchus Marsh


Bald Hills

See also: Bald Hills

See also: Bald Hills Lead

Eclipse Co.Homeward Bound Co.Midas Revival Gold Mining Co.Sons of Justice Co.


See also: Ballan

Bon Aventure Gold Mining SyndicateBradshaw Gold Mines Syndicate


See also: Ballarat

Albion Co.Australasian Co.Ballarat Gold Quartz Mine LtdBand of Hope and Albion Consols Co.Band of Hope Gold MineBand of Hope Gold Mining Co.Band & Loch UnitedBerry No. 1 Gold Mining Co.Black Range Mining Co.Britannia Gold Mining Co.Chalk’s Freehold Gold Mining Co.Charlie Napier Co.City Bank Gold Mining Co.City of Ballarat Mining Co.Cornish United Co.Countess Mining Co.Cricket Reserve Gold Mining Co.Defiance No. 1 Co.Dowling Forest No. 1 Gold Mining Co.Eastern Plateau Proprietary Company NLEnergetic Quartz Mining Co.Garden Gully Quartz Mining Co.Great Republic Co.Golden Reef Gold Mining Co.Grand Trunk Co.Great Caledonian Quartz and Alluvial Mining Co.Great Northern Junction Co.Hand and Band Co.Hero Quartz Mining Co.Inkermann and Durham Junction Gold Mining Co.Inkermann Mining Co.King Midas Gold Mining Co.Kingtons Freehold Estate Mining Co.Last Chance Extended Gold Mining Co.Lightning Gold Mining Co.Major Gold Mining Co.Napier Extended Gold MineNapier Freehold Gold Mining Co.New Band of Hope & Albion's Consols Gold Mining Co.New Kohinoor Gold Mining Co.New North Queen Mining Co.New Southern Star Quartz Mining Co.No Surrender Gold Mining Co.North Band & Barton Tribute Co.North Park Mining Co.Park MinePioneer Deep Sinking Mining Co.Prince Albert Quartz Mining Co.Prince Regent Quartz Mining Co.Rising Star Co.Rough and Ready Co.Saints Co.Sergeant's Freehold Quartz Mining Co.Smith & Wilson's United Tribute Co.Smith’s Freehold Co.Sir Henry Lock Quartz Mining Co.Smith's Freehold Co.South Imperial Gold Mining Co.South Kong Meng Gold Mining Co.Sovereign Mining Co.Speedwell Gold Mining Co.Stanberry’s Extended Tribute Co.Star of the East Co.Suleiman Pasha Mining Co.Temperance Quartz Co.United Black Hill Co.United Hand In Hand and Band of Hope Co.United Nations Gold Mining Co.United North Park Gold Mining Co.Victorian Mint Quartz Mining Co.Waterloo Gold MineWest Loughlin Gold Mining Co.William's Freehold Mining Co.Wilson’s Freehold Co.Winter's Freehold No. 1 MineYarrowee Dredging CompanyYong Hing Co.Zulu Gold Mining Co.


See also: Ascot

Dowling and Midas Junction Gold Mining Co.

Bakery Hill

See also: Bakery Hill

Danish Co.

Ballarat East

See also: Ballarat East

Chisholm and partyCroecusDunstanEndeavour Gold Mining Co.Express QuartzFelix Mining Co.Fraser & Barter Co-operative Co.Golden FleeceJudication Co.Last Chance Tribute Gold Mining Co.Llanberris Quartz MineLlanberis No. 2 - Monte ChristoParade Quartz Mining Co.Phoenix CompanyPride of the East Tribute Co.Queen Company's Gold MineRed Hill Mining Co.Rose of DenmarkRoyal Mint Quartz Mining Co.Smith and partySouth TemperanceVictoria United Co.Victoria United Gold MineWoah Hawp Canton MineWoah Hawp No. 1 Gold Mining Co.

Ballarat West

See also: Ballarat West

John Bull Alluvial & Quartz Mining Co.

Black Hill

See also: Black Hill

Black Hill Co.Black Hill Flat Gold Mining CompanyBlack Hill Quartz Mining Co.Ballarat Quartz Crushing CompanyBlue Riband MineIndependent Co.Majestic Co.North Queen Gold MinePort Phillip CompanyPort Phillip Quartz Mining Co.

Black Hill Flat

See also: Black Hill Flat

Black Hill Flat CompanyBlack Hill Flat Gold Mining CompanyIndependent Co.

Central Plateau

See also: Central Plateau

Central Plateau Co.

Little Bendigo

See also: Little Bendigo, Nerina

Late in the year 1855 Hough and party sunk a large shaft or hole in the cap of a reef to a depth of 10 feet, and the quartz taken thereout yielded over 500 oxs. of gold. Several very rich specimens were found, containing from 20 ozs to 30 ozs. of gold, embedded in quartz. At the commencement, crushing it with hammers, washed off i tubs and in dishes, but after a time they erected a crushing machine, consisting of a flat sheet of perforated iron. The stone worked by a horse much as a whim is worked. The quartz was lain on the sheet of iron, and as the stone passing over it reduced it the pulverised quartz passed through the holes in the iron into a receiver, and was then washed off, but no regular quartz mining appears to have been done in this locality until 1858. [3]

Band of Hope Quartz Co.Bank Quartz Co.Bond’s Claim, Bell’s ReefCombined Co.Horn of Plenty Co.Metropolitan GMCMonte Christo Co.New Band of Hope Co.New Monte Christo Mining Co.One and All Co.Prince of Wales Co.Red, White and Blue CompanySisters' Co.Sisters Quartz Co.Temperance Extended Quartz Mining Co.

Mount Pleasant

See also: Mount Pleasant

Norwegian Co.

Post Office Hill

In 1855 several parties of miners were working this reef, but owing to the high rate of wages, cartage, &c., they simply broke the stone and hammered it about, and passed it over sieves for the purpose of separating debris from the solid stone, and the debris was then carted to White Flat and washed off in tubs at the Yarrowee Creek, the solid stone being thrown aside. [4]

In 1858 several small co-operative parties amalgamated, for the purpose of erecting a 16 head battery for joint use. Crushing was commenced in February 1859, but so defective was the battery that by the end of the month all the boxes were battered to pieces and had to be replaced. [5]

Post Office Hill Co. Red Streak Co.

Red Hill

See also: Red Hill

Donnybrook Co.Little Wonder Alluvial Co.Red Hill Mining Co.Speedwell Co.

White Flat

Clydeside CompanyGlasgow CompanyUnity CompanyWhite Flat Drainage and Mining Co.


See also: Beaufort


See also: Waterloo Lead

Waterloo Reefing Co.

Berry Deep Lead

See also: Berry Consols ; Berry Deep Lead; Berry Extended; Madame Berry; New Madame Berry; West Berry Consols

Black Lead

See also: Black Lead

Scottish and Cornish Gold Mining Co.

Break o’Day

See also: Break o'Day

Brown Hill

See also: Brown Hill

Monte Cristo Claim - Napoleon Quartz Mining Co.

Budgeon’s Flat

See also: Budgeon's Flat

Crimean Gold Mining Co.


See also: Bullarook

William Tell Quartz Mining Co.


See also: Buninyong

All Nations Co.British Empire Co.Buninyong Estate Quartz & Alluvial Co.Buninyong Gold Mining Co.Buninyong New Gold Mining Co.Buninyong United Co.Corkscrew Co.Defiance Extended Gold Mining Co.Desezas Freehold Gold Mining Co.Duke of Cornwall Co.Fortuna Co.Grand Junction Co.Hiscocks Co.Imperial Quartz Mining Co.Madame Bent Gold Mining Co.Madame Kong Meng Co.New British Empire Co.New Great Britain Co.Pactolus Co.Rubicon Quartz Mining Co.Telegraph Co.Try Again Co., BuninyongVictoria Co., Buninyong

Buninyong Racecourse

See also: Buninyong Racecourse

Buninyong Race-course Co.Caledonia Co.

Gum Tree Flat

See also: Gum Tree Flat

Chinese Co.Cornish United Quartz Mining Co.Llanberris Quartz Mining Co.

Hard Hills

See also: Hard Hills

Eclipse Cement and Quartz Co.

Learmonth’s Paddock

See also: Learmonth's Paddock

Buninyong Co.

Union Jack Lead

See also: Union Jack Lead

South Junction Co.

Watson’s Hill

See also: Watson's Hill

Cliffs of Old Tynemouth Co.

Bunker’s Hill

See also: Bunker's Hill

Excel Co.

Cambrian Hill

See also: Cambrian Hill

Ballarat South Goldfields NL


See also: Canadian

Canadian South Quartz Mining Co.


Cardigan Mine




See also: Carngham

Alabama Co.Ballarat Co.Black Tulip Co.Britannia Quartz Co.British Colombia Co.British Queen Co.Grand Welcome Co.Happy-go-Lucky Co.Magnum Bonum Co.Nil Desperandum Co.Prince of Wales Co., CarnghamRising Sun Co.Royal Oak Co.Sherwood Co.Southern Light Co.Thistle Gold Mining Co.Try Again Co., CarnghamWait and Hope Co.

Britannia Reef

See also: Britannia Reef

Adventure Quartz Co.

Snake Valley

See also: Snake Valley

Britannia Co.



Fryers Creek

Cattle Station Hill

See also: Cattle Station Hill


See also: Clunes

Avoca Deep Lead Gold Mining Co.Central Clunes Quartz Mining Co.Clunes Alluvial Co.Clunes Alliance Co.Clunes Amalgamating Co.Clunes Quartz Mining Co.Criterion Co.Lothair Co.New North Clunes Co.North Clunes Quartz Mining AssociationPort Phillip Co.Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining Co.Port Phillip Quartz Mining Co.South Clunes Co.Victoria Co., ClunesVictoria Quartz Mining Co.Yankee Co.

Welcome Reef

See also: Welcome Reef

Clunes United Co.

Western Reef

See also: Western Reef

Clunes Co.


See also: Creswick

Creswick Hydraulic Sluicing CompanyLady Berry Co.Lucknow Co.Madame Berry Gold Mining Co.Madame Berry West MineMidas Consols Gold Mining Co.Phoenix Co., CreswickSeymour Gold Mining Co.Spring Mount Quartz Mining Co.


See also: Allendale

Allendale Quartz Gold Mining Co.Excelsior Tailings Gold Mining Co.Hiscox Tribute Quartz Mining Co.Madam Berry Gold Mining Co.Madame Dibdin Gold Mining Co.New Ristori Mining Co.No 2 Bath's Arcadian Tribute Co.Ryan's Independent Quartz Gold Mining Co.Ryan's Junction Quartz and Alluvial Gold Mining Co.South Madame Berry Gold Mining Co.Spring Hill Gold Mining Co.

Armagh Reef

See also: Armagh Reef

Severs and PartyStonehenge Quartz Mining Co.

Back Creek

See also: Back Creek

Creswick Working Miners Gold Mining Co.

Diamond Gully

See also: Diamond Gully

Homeward Bound Co., Diamond GullyPassontown and party

Frenchman’s Reef

See also: Frenchman's Reef

Prince of Wales Co.

Gum Tree Flat

See also: Gum Tree Flat

Llanberris Co.

Hard Hill

See also: Hard Hill

Enterprise Co.Hard Hill Co.

Long Point

See also: Long Point

Victoria Co., Long Point


See also: Mopoke

Portuguese Flat

See also: Portuguese Flat

Homeward Bound Co., Portuguese FlatSt George Quartz Reef Co., Portuguese Flat

Red Streak

See also: Red Streak

Imperial Company (Red Streak)New Enterprise Co.Original Red Streak Co.Red Streak Co.

Spring Gully

See also: Spring Gully

Flynn’s party

Spring Hill

See also: Spring Hill

Sulky Gully

See also: Sulky Gully

King Midas Co.Midas Gold Mining Co.Midas No. 1 Co.

White Flat

See also: White Flat

Bendigo Co.Enterprise Co.White Flat Drainage and Mining Co.Red Streak Co.

White Hills

See also: White Hills


See also: Daylesford

Ajax Consolidated MineArgusCameron's Ajax MineConcordiaDaylesford Gold Mines Frenchman's Reef MineGaribaldi Mining Co. , Daylesford • New Specimen Hill MineNo 1 North Cornish Quartz Mining Co.North Nuggetty Ajax MineRising Star MineSwiss Mount MineWilliam Tell MineWombat Flat DiggingsWombat Hill Co.

Ajax Line of reef

Ajax MineAjax Central MineAjax Co.Ajax North Co.Ajax North MineAjax MineChristensen's Ajax MineNuggetty Ajax MineNuggetty Trafalgar Mine

Cornish Line of reefs

Anticline, west of the Cornish Mine, 1923. Federation University Historical Collection

Also known as Argus Hill.

The Cornish anticline, at the northern end of the sheet, is about 100 feet east of the Hepburn Mineral Spring, in Spring Creek. Traced southwards it has an undulating pitch to the centre of the township, beyond which its inclination is southerly, through Cornish Hill to Jubilee Lake (an artificial reservoir formed in Wombat Creek). Still further south its position is obscured by overlying superficial deposits. Its approximate position at the south boundary is some 500 feet or so east of the New Specimen Hill mine. Its best paying mines were the Cornish Group, on Cornish Hill, between a quarter and a half mile south-east of the Post Office, where the fold commences its long southerly pitch.[6]
Mr Parsons is given the credit of discovering the Cornish lodes, the find being made when stripping for sluicing auriferous rain wash from the hillside in 1854. [7]

ColliersCrown Co.Freeman's BatteryFearnot Co.Frenchman's Reef MineMitchell's ShaftRoman Eagle Co.Sandstone Co.South Cornish MineNew Cornish Co.Victorian Cornish Mine


Italian Hill

Dead Horse Ground

See also: Dead Horse Ground

Ballarat Extension Co., Dead Horse ClaimBoring Co.Carmichael and PartyPort Phillip Quartz Mining Co.Sparke and Party

Deep Creek

(Also known as Eganstown)

See also: Deep Creek

All Nations Alluvial Gold Mining Co.Corinella


Welcome Stranger Dredging Company

Durham Lead

See also: Durham Lead

Garibaldi Gold Mining Co. (Ltd)New Great Britain Gold Mining Co.Duke of Northumberland Gold Mining Co.Pioneer Co.Standard of England Company



Golden Point

See also: Golden Point

Band of Hope Co.

Golden Point Lead

See also: Golden Point Lead

Koh-i-Noor Gold Mining Co.‎


Alliance Co.Kangaroo Co.

Green Leek Flat

See also: Green Leek Flat

Reward Co.


See also: Haddon

City of Canterbury Gold Mining Co.Racecourse Gold Mining Co. RegdReform Company

Happy Valley

See also: Happy Valley

British Gold Mining Co.Happy Family Quartz Mining Co.Robin Hood Gold Mining Co.North American Mine

Hepburn / Hepburn Springs

Lady Darling Quartz Mining Company

Inkermann Lead

See also: Inkermann Lead

Allied Army Co.Band of Hope Co.Enterprise Gold Mining Co.Hand-in-Hand Co.Leviathan Co.Ophir Co.Royal Saxon Co.Sir William Don Co.Tannery Gold Mining Co.

Italian Gully

See also: Italian Gully

Argo Co.Emeu Co.Formosa Co.Kossuth Co.Monte Christo Co.Prince of WalesStar of the North Co.Waterloo Co.

Jerusalem Lead

See also: Jerusalem Lead

Waterloo Co.

Jeweller's Shops

See also: Jeweller's Shops


See also: Kyneton

Coliban River

See also: Coliban River

Vulcan Quartz Crushing Co.

Lake Wendouree

See also: Lake Wendouree

British Workman Co.Durham Co.Garibaldi Gold Mining Co.

Greene’s Paddock

See also: Greene's Paddock

Clifton Co.Mill Co.


Linton Gold and Mineral Co.

Lucky Woman’s

See also: Lucky Woman's

British Co.North American Co.Robin Hood Co.


See also: Magpie

All Nations Quartz Mining Co.Better Late Than Never Co.Imperial No. 1 Co.South Imperial Co.


See also: Maldon

Beehive Claim


See also: Maryborough

Duke Company N.L.; Leviathan Mine


See also: Alma

Eastern Gold Mining Co.New Magnum Bonum Gold Mining Co.Alma Extended Gold Mining Co.Count Bismarck Tribute Co.Seaham Gladstone Gold Mining Co.Reliance Gold Mining Co.New Seaham Gold Mining Co.Seaham Co.Seaham Consols Co.Seaham Gold Mining Co.

Hiscock’s Reef

See also: Hiscock's Reef; Leviathan Mine

Imperial Co.Imperial Quartz Mining Co.New Imperial Gold Mining Co.One and All Co.Standard Quartz Mining Co.

Milkmaid’s Lead

See also: Milkmaid's Lead

Burra Burra Co.Golden Fleece Co.New Burra Burra Quartz and Alluvial Gold Mining Co. (Ltd)

Monkey Gully

See also: Monkey Gully

Magna Carta Gold Mining Co.

Mount Egerton

Wellesley QGMC

Mount Mercer

Leigh River Tunnel Syndicate, Lawaluk

Mount Mercer Gold Mine

Mount Mercer South Gold Mine

Squire's Mount Mercer Company

Mount Misery

See also: Mount Misery

Midland Counties Quartz Mining Co.

Mount Egerton

See also: Mount Egerton

Black Horse Mining Company

Black Horse United Co.

Egerton and Gordons Mining Co.

New Black Horse Mining Company

Mount Rowan

See also: Mount Rowan

Mount Rowan Gold Mining Co.

Napoleon Lead

See also: Napoleon Lead

Leviathan Gold Mining Co. (Ltd)

Nelson Lead

See also: Nelson Lead

Gladiator Co.


See also: Nerina

Alternative Spellings are Neerena and Nerrena.

British Bell Reef

British United Reef

Cook's Reef

Grey Horse Group of Reefs

Monte Christo Line

Musketeer Reef

Nil Desperandum Reed

Stringer's Reef

Victoria Reef

Vulcan Reef

Yorkshire Reef

Temperance Gold Mine

Oldham Lead

See also: Oldham Lead

Try Again Gold Mining Co.


See also: Pitfield

Glenfine North GMC

Pitfield Plateau Co.


See also: Redan

Band and Albion MineGreat Extended Co.Morning Star Co.Try Co.

Redan Lead

See also: Redan Lead

Golden Gate Co.

Regent Gully

See also: Regent Gully

North Woah Hawp Mine

River Loddon

See also: River Loddon

Golden Point Mining Co.


See also: Rokewood


See also: Dereel

Dereel Gold Mining Co.

Sailor's Gully

See also: Sailor's Gully


See also: Scarsdale

Caledonian Co.Eclipse Mine Hopewell Quartz Mining Co.Jubilee MinePlantagenet Gold Mining Co.Reef Gold Mining Co.Scarsdale Extended Co.Scarsdale Gold Mining Company Zuyder Zee Gold Mining Co. (Ltd)

Scotchman’s Lead

See also: Scotchman's Lead

Criterion Gold Mining Co.


See also: Sebastopol

Band of Hope & Albion Consols Gold Mining Co.Bonshaw Co.Central Plateau No. 2 Quartz Gold MineCosmopolitan Gold MineCumberland, Durham and Cornish Co.Defiance Co.Guiding Star MineLeviathon GMC - Nelson Co.Phoenix Co.Prince of Wales Co., Sebastopol - Prince of Wales No. 2Prince Imperial Co. - Prince of Wales No.3Red Jacket Co.Red Jacket MineRound Tower Co.Sebastopol Central Mining Co.Sebastopol Plateau Gold Mine No. 1Sebastopol Star Co.Sebastopol Star MineSouth Plateau Mining Co.South Star Quartz Gold MineSt George & Band of Hope United Co.St George United Co.Star of the East Quartz Gold MineSulieman Pasha No. 2 MineUnited Jacket GMC

Cobbler’s Lead

See also: Cobbler's Lead

Prince of Wales Co.

Frenchman's Lead

See also: Frenchman's Lead

Golden Point Lead

See also: Golden Point Lead

Long Gully Lead

See also: Long Gully Lead

Lord Raglan Lead

See also: Lord Raglan Lead

Sebastopol Plateau

See also: Sebastopol Plateau

Band and Barton Co.Buninyong Estate Co.North Plateau Co.Northern Star Co.Prince of Wales and Bonshaw Co.Sebastopol Plateau Co.

Terrible Lead

See also: Terrible Lead

White Horse Lead

See also: White Horse Lead

Woolshed Lead

See also: Woolshed Lead

Camp Co.Prince of Wales Co.Prince of Wales MinePrincess of Wales Co.

Berry Leads,University of Ballarat Historical Collection (Cat. No.531.1 )


See also: Smeaton

Beaconsfield Co. - Berry No. 1 - Berry No. 2 - Hepburn Consuls - Hepburn Home Paddock Gold Mine - Lord Harry Co. - Madame Berry - No.1 Berry Consols - Smeaton Reserve Co. -


See also: Smythesdale

Caxton Mine El Dorado Gold Mining Co. SmythesdaleGauntlet Gold Mining Co.Surprise Gold Mining Co.

Derwent Jack’s Lead

See also: Derwent Jack's Lead

Cawley and PartyConfluence Co.Woolpack Co.

Grand Trunk Lead

See also: Grand Trunk Lead

Exchequer Co.

Sovereign Hill

See also: Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill Mine

Specimen Gully

See also: Specimen Gully

Royal Star Co.


See also: Springdallah

Early Dawn Extended Gold Mining Co.Golden Belt CompanyGolden Horn CompanyGolden Lake CompanyGrand Trunk Gold Mining Co.Grand Trunk Lead Gold Mining Co. (Ltd)Main Lead Consols CompanyMount Erip Quartz CompanyNorth Grenville Gold Mining CompanyPort Arthur Company

Staffordshire Reef

See also: Staffordshire Reef

Homeward Bound Co., Staffordshire Reef


Sloanes and Scotchmans United Quartz Mining Co. . Stawell Mining Company


See also: Stieglitz

Ballarat Co., Stieglitz . Elsie Mine Steiglitz Quartz Crushing Company

Suburban Lead

See also: Suburban Lead

Essex Co.Garibaldi Co.Great North-West Co.Oriental Co.

Sulky Gully

See also: Sulky Gully

Reliance Co.

Swamp Lead

See also: Swamp Lead

Black Diamond Co.Durham Gold Mining Co.Princess Royal Co.

Talbot Flat

See also: Talbot Flat

Treasury Gold Mining Co.

Tea Tree

See also: Tea Tree

Golden Rivers Co.


Duke United Alluvial Mine - Grand Duke Mine


See Also Barry's Reef

Brodd's Battery - Countess Gold Mining Co. - Triumph Company

Warren’s Lead

See also: Warren's Lead

Victoria Junction Co.

Welshman's Reef

Royal Mint Mine

White Horse

See also: White Horse

A co-operative company known as Wagg and Party found auriferous quartz in the neighbourhood of the head of the Canadian Gully as early as August 1859. In September 1860 the Old Canadian Company found gold-bearing quartz on the crown of the hill at the head of Canadian Gully and worked the stone to a depth of 40 feet by means of open cutting.[8]

Burra Burra Co.Defiance Co-operative Gold Mining Co.Defiance Gold Mining Co.Donovan & PartyJenny Lind Co.Mount Clear Co.New Perseverance Co.New Perseverance Quartz Mining Co.Norwegian Quartz Co.Norwegian Reef Co.Queen Victoria QMCPerseverance Co.Pioneer Co.Roberts & PartyScandinavian Co.South Canadian Co.Sovereign Co.St Andrew's Co.Tremble Hill Co-operativeTower Hill Co.

Winter’s Flat

See also: Winter's Flat

Alston and Weardale Co.Welsh Co.

Winter’s Paddock

See also: Winter's Paddock

Bonshaw Freehold Co.


See also: Yandoit

Belgium Gold Mining Co.Corinella LeaseholdGoldsmith’s Quartz Mining Co.Glamorgan MineGrand Junction Co.Great Reef Co.Great Reef Quartz Co.Hamburg MineNew Great Reef Co.Sardines Reef Quartz Mining CompanyRothschild's Co.Steele's PioneerYandoit Grand Junction Gold Mining Co.

To Be Located

Alluvial Co.Atlas Co.Australasia Gold MineBallarat City MineBallarat Extension Co.Ballarat Goldfields LtdBallarat Quartz Co.Band and Albion Consols Co.Beehive MineBlack and PartyBlack Hill Co.Black Hill Co-operative Quartz Mining Co.Black Hill Gold MineBlack Hill Gold Mining Co.Black Hill Quartz Co.Black Lead Co.Blue Jacket Gold Mining Co.Boring Co.Buninyong Estate Gold Mining Co.Britannia United Co.Britannia United MineBritish Standard Gold Mining Co.Brown Hill Steam Sluicing Co.Bute Co.Canadian Co.Canadian Quartz Crushing Co.Carroll Co.City of Manchester Co.Copenhagen Co.Corinella Co.Cornish Quartz Co.Cosmopolitan Co.Dalzell-Buchanan MineDanish Gold Mining Co.Derby Quartz Mining Co.Don Co.Duchess Co.Egerton MineEgerton Mining CompanyDowling Forest Estate Co.Endeavour Co.Essex Gold Mining Co.Eureka Cement Co.Eureka Quartz Co.Extended Co.First Chance Gold MineFranklin Co.Freehold Co.Gay's Freehold Co.Globe Co.Golden Point Quartz Co.Great Gulf Co.Great North-West Gold Mining Co. (Ltd)Great Republic Co.Haddon Great Extended Gold Mining Co.Haphazard Co.Havelock Co.Hong Kong Co.Hopewell Co.Hopewell Quartz Mining Co.Indicator Co.Inkerman and Durham MineKoh-i-Noor Gold Mining Co.Kosinski MineLast Chance Co.Leviathan Syndicate Co.Lewer's Freehold Co.Llanberis No. 1 MineLlanberris Number One Co. NLLlanberris Quartz Mining Co.Lodden Valley Gold Mining Co.Long Gully United Gold Mining Co.Long Tunnel MineMajor Mining Co.Maxwell Consolidated MineMelbourne Quartz & Alluvial Mining Co.Midas Co.Midas MineMiller & Co.Morning Light Quartz Mining Co.National Co.National Quartz Mining Co.Nelson and Wellington Co.Nelson MineNerrina Quartz Mining Co.New Australasian IINew Normanby Gold MineNew Red Jacket Co.New Speedwell Quartz Co.No. 1 claim, Mariner’s ReefNormandy North MineNorth Cornish Co.North Maxwell Co.North Nuggetty Ajax Co.North Queen Gold MineNorth Woah Hawp Co.Northern Star Co.Old Canadian Co.Old Canadian Quartz Co.Old Gravel Pits Co.Old Post Office Hill Co.Onyx Co.Oriental Gold Mining Co. (Ltd)Owen's and Band of Hope Freehold and Leasehold Co.Parade Co.Park Lead MinePasha Co.Perthshire Co.Prince of Wales and Bonshaw MinePrince Regent Co.Princess Royal Gold Mining Co.Queen's Jubilee Co.Red Streak Puddling Co.Republic Co.Rifle Co.Rothschild Co.Royal Saxon Standard Quartz Mining Co.Scottish and Cornish Co.Sebastopol Co.Seven Hills Estate Co.Sir Henry Loch Co.Sir Henry Lock Co.Sir W. Don Co.Sir William Don MineSons of Freedom Co.South Canadian Quartz Co.South Star Co.South Star Extended Co.South Plateau Co.South Sulieman Co.South Woah Hawp MineSouthern Cross Co.Specimen Hill Co.Spread Eagle Quartz Mining Co.Staffordshire Reef Co.Standard Company MineStar Co.St George Quartz Reef Co.St George’s Co.Suburban Co.Sulieman Co.Sulieman Pasha Co.Surprise Co.Township Co.Township Reef Quartz Co.Union Quartz Mining Co. (Ltd)United Albian Co.United Black Hill Co.United Extended Band of Hope Co.Victoria Co.Victoria Consolidated Co.Victoria Quartz Mining Co.Victorian Star Gold Mining Co.Welcome Nugget Quartz Mining Co. (Ltd)Wellingtonia Gigantea Co.Wellingtonia Gigantea Quartz Co.Wellingtonia Gigantea Quartz Mining Co. (Ltd)Wheatsheaf Co.Winter's Freehold Co.Woah Hawp Canton MineWonderful Reef Co.Working Miners Co.Working Miners' United Gold Mining Co.Yorkshire Reef Prospecting Co.Young Sons of Freedom Co.

Broomfield Gully


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