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Gong Gong Reservoir, C1922. Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 19012)



The Gong Gong Reservoir was constructed between 1874 and 1877 at a cost of 91,883 pounds.[1]

Lewis and Rowlands use Gong Gong water in the making of their saccherine drinks.[2]

The pipe communication between the Gong Gong Reservoir and Ballarat West is now completed with the exception of the pipes at the Yarrowee and a short interval near the head of Victoria street, so that in point of fact the new water supply could be made available at once if necessary. On Friday the junction branch for the Main road was laid in the trench at the foot of Victoria street, and the mouth plugged as the contractor is not in a position at once to continue the twelve inch pipes to the eastward. The junction was cast at the Phoenix Foundry, where also have been cast the four flange pipes intended to carry the communication across The Yarrowee. These pipes are splendid castings and now lie at the Eastern Railway Station to be subjected to the pipe-testing process. Each of the imported eighteen inch pipes has cost the Water Commission £5 1s up to the moment of its being landed at the wharf, irrespective of the transit charges to Ballarat. Each pipe weighs, on the average, 12 cwt 2 grs 4 lb.[3]

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