Gum-tree Flat (Buninyong)

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Gum-tree Flat was a location near Buninyong, Victoria, <1857-1902>.


Origin of the name


The area was near Black Lead. In May 1857 the Ballarat Star reported on the death of a child at Black Lead, which it said was on the brow of a hill near Gum-Tree Flat. The child's mother, Mary Lovell was charged with manslaughter.[1] In 1898 the Star mentioned in a funeral notice that Gum-Tree Flat was near the Buninyong Racecourse.[2]

In July 1857 the Star reported that gold was being mined at Gum-Tree Flat.[3]

In June 1865 Ah Lee Yung was killed while mining at Gum-tree Flat:

A Chinese named Ah Lee Yung was accidentally killed at the claim of Ah Shang and party, Gum Tree Flat, Black Lead, Buninyong, on Wednesday, from a fracture of the skull and laceration of the brain, caused by his being accidentally struck by the horse arm of the whim. It appears that he was engaged driving the whim, and some of the gear having given way, the whim went rapidly round in the contrary direction, and he was struck by the arm on the head and killed on the spot. From the evidence of a witness, who was examined at the inquest on his body on Thursday, it was shown that the deceased was endeavoring to clear himself from danger when he was knocked down. Death to all appearance was instantaneous. A verdict of accidental death was returned.[4]

In August 1867 the Ballarat Star reported the tragic death of a woman at Gum-Tree Flat:

"...Hannah Amelia Donnelly, wife of Michael Donnelly, residing at Gum Tree Flat, near Black lead, who met her death by her clothes accidentally catching on fire on Thursday evening, she being, at the time of the accident, under the influence of liquor."[5]


The area was part of the Shire of Buninyong. In May 1902 the Ballarat Star reported:

A discussion took place on the report submitted that the Gum Tree Flat was all being applied for by certain persons living in the locality. Mr William Hanley, member of the local Town and Goldfields Common Committee end Mr Jas. Hanley, of the Mining Board, were present and asked the council to take steps to endeavor to have the applications for the land refused. It was decided to call a public meeting for Friday. 2rd inst., at the Town Hall ,to discuss the matter. The council then adjourned.[6]

Geography and climate



In Decemember 1877 there was a hotel, the Gumtree Hotel in the area.[7]










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