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CRISP.—Oh the 12th ult, at Rodier street, Ballarat, the wife of H. Crisp of a daughter.[1]

JARVIS.—On the 24th November, at her late residence, 13 Leichardt-street, Brisbane, Mary B. Jarvis, in her 68th year, formerly of Wangaratta, Victoria, and dearly beloved mother of Mrs. Wright, Coolgardie; Mrs. Chalk, Brisbane; and Mrs. H. Crisp, Ballarat.[2]

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Ballarat Amateur Photographic Association


Thursday 31st March 1898 SMB Mr H. Crisp Gives a lecture to the Ballarat Photographic Club on the use of “Flash” Photography. Some of the specimens taken by him were 18 inches by 22 inches in size, and supposed to be the largest taken in Australia at the time.[3]

in September, 1896, Crisp won awards for Open Classes in the categories of Groups not re-touched - 1st place Landscapes.1st place, Yachting.2nd place, Hand Camera Work. 1st place, Clouded Pictures, 2nd place, Copying - 1st place;[4]

At Mr F. W. Niven & Co.’s establishment, the Crisp photo process was used and could be inspected by members of the public.[5]

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