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Harold Brocklebank Herbert worked at the Ballarat Technical Art School, a division of the Ballarat School of Mines. He was the Principal in 1916.

We have to report that Mr A.M. Lilburne of the Art School Staff has accepted the appointment of Art Master at the Teachers' College, Melbourne, and desires to take up his new duties early next month. Mr Lilburne entered the School as a boy fresh from College and has risen from Scholar to his present position. Whilst we are pleased to see him advancing in his profession, his loss will be a serious one to the School. We will be fortunate however if we are able to secure the services of Mr Harold Herbert, a high qualified past student of the School, whose appointment has been suggested by Mr Carew Smyth. [1]

Herbert lived in Europe and Morocco between 1919 and 1922. He was an official War artist during World War Two. From 1926 until the time fo his death he was a member of the Commonwealth Art Advisort Board.[2]

Herbert was one of the first official war artists for World War Two, along with Ivor Hele, in 1941 and was instructed to paint the "A.I.F. life as it is at present" by Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Blamey [3].

Harold B. Herbert died on 11 February 1945. He left a cheque and a request that members of the Savage Club drink to his memory at his expense.[4]



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