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Henry Maddicks was a photographer. He was born in 1904 and died in 1968.[1]


Harry Maddicks was a photographer with Delta Studio, Daylesford.


Daylesford <1916-1930>


Community Involvement

In 1917 Maddicks was involved in the formation of the Snap Shots From Home League:

DAYLESFORD SNAP SHOT LEAGUE. - On Thursday evening a very successful meeting for the establishment of a branch of the "Snap shots from Home League" was held in the Alpha Hall. A great deal of enthusiasm was displayed. There were present Messrs C. Ferrari, Miss Davis, Messrs A. R. Boots, B. Farrer, R. Hall, R. Hinneberg, H. Larkins, W. Mower, H. Maddicks and A. Noye. Mr R. Hall was voted to the chair and explained the object of the gathering. It was unanimously decided, on Mr B. Farrer and Mrs Ferrari's motion to establish a branch of the League. Mr Farrer was appointed hon. secretary and Mrs Ferrari was appointed assistant hon. secretary, All present enrolled themselves as members, and the following names were handed in as those of persons who were willing to become members :-Mrs Salamy, and Misses L. Brown, O. Burns, and Messrs F. Coopor, G. Hamilton, W. J. Hands, D. Lewis and J. Larkins. The objects of the League are to obtain home photographs for sending to our men in camp and hospitals in the fighting zones and in the navy, photographs of their own homes and loved ones, which will carry a special significance and maintain the home touch and keep ever before them the homes and ideals for which they are fighting. The meeting was concluded with a vote of thanks to Mr Hall for occupying the chair and also to Mr W. Weir for the free use of the hall. Application forms may be obtained at post office or from the secretary by anyone who desires a special snapshot to forward to the front. These photos it must be remembered will be supplied free of charge. Members are urgently desired in Hepburn, Korweinguboora, Bullarto, Eganstown and surrounding 'districts. No fee is required to join the league. [2]

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Delta Studio, Daylesford.




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