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Henry Cuthbert was born in Ireland in 1829 and died in 1907. He arrived in Australia in 1854, and opened his legal practice in Ballarat in 1855 in the Golden Fleece Hotel in Lydiard Street North. His brother Kingston Cutbert had sailed to Australia on the same ship, and was the licensee of the hotel. He was elected to teh Legislative Council as the member of the Ballarat Diocese for South Western Province in 1874. Be represented Victoria at the Australasian Federation Convention in Sydney in 1891.


A solicitor by training he founded Cuthbert's legal practice. He was knighted in 1897.


Henry Cuthbert married Emma Wilmer in May 1863. She died in 1877. They had two surviving children:

1. John Headen Cuthbert

2. Annie Wilmer Cuthbert

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