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Henry Richard Proctor served as Mayor of Smythesdale, Victoria, <1881>.



The newspapers in 1868 reported a strange circumstance of fate which saved Proctor's life:

A most singular case occurred at Smythesdale on Tuesday. On the previous day the house of Mr Henry Proctor, during the absence of himself and his wife was robbed of several articles of jewellery, valued at about £4. Mrs Proctor did not discoverthe loss till about ten o'clock on Tuesday morning, when she instantly hastened to the claim where her husband and his mate were at work making known the particulars of the theft. It was then about an hour before dinner time and as Mr Proctor wished to give notice to the police at once he quitted work, and his mate also left off work. Between twelve and one o'clock they both returned to work, and were then thunderstruck to find that during the short time they were away the whole of the claim had completely settled down. Had they remained underground till the usual dinner hour they would evidently have been buried alive. It need scarcely be added that Mrs Proctor does not now regret the loss of her valuables; her husband and his mate thus palpably owing their lives to the circumstance.[1]

Proctor was appointed to be manager of the Smythesdale United Borough and Goldfield Common. in February 1878.[2]


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