Henry William Martin Binder (1867-1910)

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Henry William Martin Binder, son of Robert Jeffry Binder Senior and Sarah Ann Mead, was born on 20 Jun 1867 in Ballarat, died on 2 Jan 1910 in Ararat, at age 42, and was buried in Old Cemetery, Ballarat. The cause of his death was Tumour of the brain. Inquest reference is 1910/6.

He had a residence in 61 Albert St Ballarat in 1867-1888,

Henry appeared in a court case on 10 July 1879. TOWN POLICE COURT - THURSDAY, 10th JULY. (Before Mr Thomson, P.M.; and Messrs Anderson, Fitzgerald, and Curtis, J.P.) ALLEGED ROBBERY. Otto Mendelsohn, one of the street lolly-vendors, charged Henry Binder with stealing the sum of 7s from him. Complainant stated that on Saturday night he was standing opposite the Buck's Head hotel, when a number of boys came round him. One boy upset the tin, and defendent picked up 7s and ran away with the money. Complainant met him again in the street and caught hold to him, but complainant's employer told him to let him go and proceed against him by summons. Cross-examined - Complainant admitted having accused another boy of the robbery, and that he only caught hold of the defendant after that lad had pointed him out as the culprit The case was finally adjourned for a week, to allow the police time to make enquiries into the case.

Henry appeared in a newspaper article on 2 Oct 1882. A painful accident happened on Saturday to a young man named Henry Binder, residing in Ascot street. It appears that Binder was at work in a blacksmith's shop constructing an oven, when he tripped and fell, cutting his wrist severely upon a jagged point of sheet iron which lay upon the ground. Binder's injury was attended to at the Hospital, after which he returned home.

Henry married Ellen Eliza Hodson, daughter of Oliver Hodson and Selina Wooton, in 1888. Ellen was born in 1863 in Golden Point Vic, died on 13 Apr 1953 in Ballarat, VIC at age 90, and was buried on 15 Apr 1953 in New Cemetery, Ballarat. They had 13 children: Laura Gertrude, Robert Jeffrey, Sarah Gertrude, Roberta, Robert Henry, Elizabeth Eliza, Henrietta, Henry, Lindell, William, Mary, Florence and Alice.

He resided in Albert St., Ballarat, in 1889.

He resided in Dana St Ballarat in 1894.

He resided in Eyre St Ballarat in 1901.

He worked as a labourer. As recorded on daughter's, Florence, marriage certificate.

Henry was involved in a court case on 30 Nov 1908 in Ballarat, VIC. "Much interest was manifested in the Town Court on Monday when Constable O'Brien charged Robert Binder (Junior) with having used insulting words on November 14, and Constable McKenzie accused Henry W. Binder with having behaved in an offensive manner on the same date. The dissolute of which the charges resulted occurred in Bridge street. The constables gave evidence in support of their charges, while Henry Binder in reply to Sub-inspector Ryan said, "Both constables are liars". Several witnesses called for the defence said that they did not know much about the cases. Henry Binder admitted that "some friends" had declined to make statements unless they were paid. He gave them a sovereign. The charges against the Binders were dismissed, with £1/7/ costs in each case. Contradictory evidence was then given in relation dismissed charge of assault, which the magistrates said had not been proved. Costs amounting to £1/1/ were awarded to Constable O'Brien."

Henry appeared in a newspaper article in Ballarat Star on 20 Mar 1909. CASUALTIES AND FATALITIES- AT THE HOSPITAL. The following cases were treated at the Hospital yesterday: Henry Binder, 822 Latrobe street, slight concussion of the brain, through falling off a fence at the Cattle Yards.



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