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Herbert H. Smith was an artist.



Born 1875.

Ballarat Technical Art School - Principal

In 1920 he submitted the official winning design for the Ballarat Arch of Victory to be built at the entrance of the Ballarat Avenue of Honour. Controversially the Lucas Clothing Factory, in charge of the construction of the Arch, overturned this decision made by two of Victoria's finest architects - leaving the decision to the Lucas Girls.

Died 1957.


Herbert H. Smith of the Ballarat Technical Art School was responsible for the design of the Ballarat Arch of Victory.

The students are busy making models and working out my design for a proposed entrance to the Avenue of Honor. It is intended to make a large scale model about 18' x 12' and place sane on view in a show window in Sturt Street about the moddle of next month. The work has been undertaken at the request of Lucas and Co.[1]

At the special request of Lucas and Co who waited upon me some time ago, I undertook on behalf od the School, to prepare a design and models for the Avenue of Honour Entrance. The design completion was inspected by the Proprietors and girls, who expressed approval of it, but as it was felt by some of them that before commencing same, it might be well to get some other designs and estimates, I suggested that a public competition be held and the best possble judges secured. This being agreed to designs were sent in. Messres Lucas and Co made all the arrangements for the judging and paid two representatives niminated by the Institute of Architects to come to Ballt and make the award, which they did in a flattering repost in favour of the Schools design. This in view of the fair and open attitude taken by the school in very satisfactory to all concerned, but as Mrs Thompson considerd it no sufficiently impressive and freakish enough, and her own design and on of the other superiors, and has decided that a vote of the girls will decide which shall be erected. I am afraid there is little chance of the Schools design being carried out, but a very big chance of an inartistic monstrousity being thrust upon the public for all time resulting from sucn incompetant and immature judgement. Personally I feel the Council and public bodies who have contributed to the Avenue should enter a protest.[2]

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Painting by Herbert H. Smith in the Art Gallery of Ballarat collection

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