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A student of the Ballarat Technical Art School in 1907.[1]

Hilda Wardle taught at the Ballarat Technical Art School, a division of the Ballarat School of Mines.[2]

Miss Hilda Wardle, who has given up her position on the teaching staff of the Art School on account of her approaching marriage, was yesterday presented by the staff, through the director, Mr H. H. Smith, with a valuable piece of silver plate. Earlier in the day the students assembled to bid Miss Wardle farewell. Mr D. Miller, on their behalf, made her a similar presentation.[3]


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Miss Hilda Wardle, daughter of Mr. H. Wardle, timber merchant, has received the following reply to a letter sent to Lord Roberts informing him of the movement in Ballarat to erect a soldiers statue: Pretoria, 15th August, 1900. Dear Hilda Wardle — Lord Roberts is so busy that he wants me to write and thank you for your letter, which he was much pleased to receive. He was very glad to learn that you were getting up a subscription to raise a memorial to those who have died duing this war.—Yours faithfully, Stanley, Colonel, Private Secretary.</ref>


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