How to Insert an Image

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How to Insert an Image

[In the edit screen.]

At the point where you want to insert your image on your page, select Embedded File.

The following text is inserted.


Replace Example.jpg with the image file name. (It is recommended that you copy and paste from the source file name.) Save page.

In page view the following will appear as a red internal link.

[[File:File name.jpg]]

Click on the link to bring up the Upload file screen.

Use the Browse feature to find the image file from your source.

Upload file and Save page.

The image is inserted, but needs to be sized, located and captioned.

(Copy and paste these instructions.)

|500px|thumb|right|''Caption.'' Reference.

[In edit view.]


[[File:File name.jpg]]

Between jpg and ] paste the instructions from above.


[[File:File name.jpg|500px|thumb|right|''Caption,'' Reference.]]

[[File:File name.jpg|500px|thumb|right|''Caption,'' Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. )]]

Explanations of the commands.

File name.jpg - Must appear exactly as it is in the source file name. (May be .jpg or .png extension.)

500px - The size the image will appear on the screen. (This should be no smaller than 200px and no larger than 800px. Or it may be replaced with the word thumb.)

left - Instructs the wiki to place the image on the left-hand side of the screen. (May be replaced with right or center.)

Caption. - Description of the image.

Reference. - Source of the image. (Include a link if the image is from an online source.)

--Beth Kicinski 09:45, 6 August 2013 (EST)

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