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I & J. Roff were tailors operating from premises on Main Street, Ballarat East in 1862[1] and 1887.[2]



Brothers Isaac Roff and Joseph Roff established the firm of I. and J. Roff in 1854. Tailors and Colonial Manufacturers the firm was managed by Jospeh Roff, and they claimed to be the oldest tailoring firm in Ballarat. The brothers also had a ‘bill posting’ and advertising contracting business with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Ballarat. Isaac Roff was the director of the Melbourne office in Little Flinders Street. His son Joseph Roff Jnr also joined the tailoring firm, which was still operating in 1928.[3]



Corner of Bakery Hill and Main Road, Ballarat.[4]


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I. and J. Roff made "hosiery and hats, miners' working cloths and every variety of Colonial outfit.[5]

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